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The DNC Just Debased Kamala Harris’ Image—Literally




Just how unpopular is Kamala Harris?

At least 66% less popular than she and the DNC believed her to be—let me explain: the DNC recently held a fundraising event in which people could take photos with the Vice President in exchange for $15,000.

The Women’s Leadership Forum fundraiser was apparently slated to be a big hit, or so the DNC believed…

What followed was nothing short of a disaster; due to poor ticket sales, the original price of $15,000 was slashed by a remarkable $10,000. That is nearly a 66% discount!

Perhaps the constant cackling while the nation faces the highest inflation in 40 years, an energy crisis, and explosive geopolitical tensions have left a sour taste in the public pallet:

Conservative Brief explains:

The Democrat National Committee reportedly had to postpone the Woman’s Leadership Forum fundraiser that was set for May to the fall because of low ticket sales.

But at the event a photo with the vice president was supposed to cost $15,000. That cost has now reportedly been reduced to $5,000.


Breitbart points out:

Harris’s polling numbers are abysmal. Harris’s polling numbers are worse than President Joe Biden’s. Only 28 percent approve of Harris, while 62 percent disapprove. In contrast, Biden’s approval rating is 33 percent with 56 percent disapproving.


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