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The Truth About Kyle Rittenhouse Slowly Comes Out



Kyle Rittenhouse is an American hero.

At least, that’s what many people are saying on social media.

Rittenhouse, who was 17 years old at the time of the riots, was charged with fatally shooting 2 men, and injuring another during the mob violence.

The mainstream media has attempted to spin the story and paint Kyle as a murderer, and a white supremacist.

The most recent videos show that these two allegations couldn’t be further from the truth:

We also have to ask ourselves why The F.B.I. is alleged to have sat on some of this footage instead of releasing it to The American people?

Judging by what we now know about The F.B.I. and their previous actions involving the January 6th riots among other things, it shouldn’t be too hard to guess their motive.

They’re trying to drum up the false narrative of ‘white supremacy’ and ‘domestic terrorism’ to make themselves look useful and obtain more funding.

That’s why we need to defund pretty much all of these alphabet agencies. They don’t serve me, they don’t serve you, and they don’t serve America—they only serve themselves, and on our dime at that.

Here’s what people are saying:

The Epoch Times shared this testimony from the trial:

McGinniss was still trying to catch up when he heard a lot of yelling and saw Rosenbaum move towards Rittenhouse.

“Mr. Rosenbaum advanced towards Mr. Rittenhouse. Mr. Rittenhouse gave like a … a pivot and a run,” he recalled.

Rittenhouse was being pursued by Rosenbaum as McGinnis chased both.

“I saw Mr. Rittenhouse turn around and saw Mr. Rosenbaum lunging for the front portion of the rifle,” he said. That’s when Rittenhouse opened fire.

Trending Politics alleged that The F.B.I. sat on the newly released footage:

So why are we just now hearing about it, given that it shows the trial never should have happened in the first place? Because, surprise, surprise, the leftists at the FBI were sitting on it and keeping it hidden from the American people, as Jack Posobiec noted in the tweet. Rather than release evidence that would exonerate a young man who was forced to defend himself after being assaulted and fired upon by a mob for having the temerity to help protect businesses, they sat on the evidence. While there are certainly plenty of speculative reasons as to why the FBI did so, it has so far not said.


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