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Timothy Dixon, Arizona Update, Joy Reid – 9/20/21



Hi friends,

Noah here with your Monday night Newsletter!

It is so good to be sending these to you again….and so great to be working with a company that supports Free Speech!

Imagine that!

Let’s jump right in….

First up are two big updates from Timothy Dixon:

Two New Dreams From Timothy Dixon: “THE INSURRECTION AND DONALD J TRUMP”

Next I explain why the FDA is lying right to your face…

And so is their co-conspirator, the MSM:

Why The FDA’s “You Are Not a Horse” Ad Is A Huge LIE!

We continue to shine a light on the J6 prisoners….

This is so illegal and so unconstitutional:

J6 Political Prisoners Being Starved? Only Given “White bread, a cookie, and a packet of tartar sauce.”

And next is something really fun to show you…

A brand new Deplorable Spotlight:

DEPLORABLE SPOTLIGHT: Massive “Still My President” Trump Cake!

Big update on Arizona:

REPORT: Arizona Cross-Checked 673,000 Voter Identities with Social Security; 58% Had NO Match!

I’d like to thank everyone for continuing to support Mike Lindell.

If you’ve ever had trouble with an order, here’s how you can call someone direct:

STAND WITH MIKE: Did You Know You Can Call Mike Lindell If You Need Help?

This next one is beyond wild….from Fox News and The Blaze:

Jason Whitlock: Joy Reid Is a High Satanic Priestess In The Alphabet Cult

Yes folks, he is not exaggerating, he meant it exactly as he said it.

Wild stuff and wild times we are living in!

Speaking of wild times, it has NEVER been more important to protect your Immune System than right now.

Here’s how to supercharge it:

SUPER-CHARGE Your Immune System With C60! 172x More Powerful Than Vitamin C!

And for three weeks in a row, do you think our country is sending a clear enough message?


Now It’s ENTIRE Stadiums: Here’s EVERY “F*** Joe Biden” Chant from This Weekend


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