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Utah Family Seeks Kidney Transplant for 12-Year-Old Boy; Hospital Requires Recipients to Have COVID-19 Jab



Because of Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital’s COVID-19 jab mandate on organ transplant recipients, a Utah family faced an excruciating decision. 

Scott McMickell said 12-year-old Syrus was born with kidney failure and had been elevated to stage 5 in December.

The McMickells had been working with Intermountain to get Syrus on the transplant list, but they were told he must have the COVID-19 jab to be placed on the list and to move forward with the process.

They were given a March 10th deadline to decide whether Syrus will get the injection or not, according to the father. 

KSL TV had the story:

The family said it has reservations about the 12-year-old receiving the vaccine due to some heart troubles within the family as well as questions about the impact of the vaccine on the acceptance of organs.

“Everything’s up-to-date and it’s not like we’re against all vaccines — it’s this one that kind of has some questions,” McMickell said. “We’re still spreading (COVID-19), we’re still catching it, we’re still getting it — it just seems like the vaccine’s not doing quite what it should.”

Health officials have repeatedly urged people to receive the vaccine doses and booster during the pandemic to reduce the spread  as well as the disease’s potential severity.

In a statement, Primary Children’s Hospital said as of Dec. 1, 2021, it has required new transplant candidates to receive their first COVID-19 vaccine dose and receive other childhood vaccines prior to being added to the transplant waitlist, noting the policy was in line with clinical standards at all Utah transplant centers.

The McMickell family contended they should have more choice in the matter, which is their right as parents to 12-year-old Syrus.

Cont. from KSL TV:

“My wife has already had a transplant and stuff like that so she hasn’t had hers, either and we’re doing just fine, so it’s frustrating,” McMickell said.

He said if they don’t get Syrus the vaccine, other options potentially include starting the process over or putting the 12-year-old on dialysis.

“It goes back to how long can his kidney function last because he’s floating between 18 and 20 percent and who knows when it will crash,” the father said.

Syrus, who loves baseball, said he hoped to remain healthy enough to play little league in the upcoming year.

McMickell said he was trying to remain optimistic, but acknowledged the uphill battle ahead.

“It’s not looking like the hospital’s changing its mind anytime soon,” he said.

KSL News aired this video report:

Hospitals requiring transplant recipients and/or donors to receive the COVID-19 jab is a growing trend in the United States.

TruthLion and WeLoveTrump have reported numerous stories of these sickening mandates that essentially condemn individuals to death unless taking an experimental shot.

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