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Virginia Man With Prior Infection Removed From Kidney Transplant List For Refusing Experimental COVID-19 Jab



Shamgar Connors, of Stafford, Virginia, was reportedly informed by the University of Virginia’s Transplant Center that he is no longer eligible for a life-saving kidney transplant because he has not received the COVID-19 jab.

Connors, who has stage 5 kidney failure, has waited on the kidney transplant list for several years and remains on dialysis every night.

Although Connors recovered from COVID-19 and gained natural immunity, the University of Virginia Transplant Center moved him to inactive for being unvaccinated.

Connors recorded a phone call with a doctor from the UVA Transplant Center and sent the audio to Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield.

Prior infection has proved countless times to provide more robust protection against COVID-19 than the COVID-19 injections. 

The shots cannot stop contraction and transmission of the virus, so it’s anti-science to deny someone a kidney if they’re not “fully vaccinated.”

While doctors deny a naturally-immune individual a kidney transplant, the NCAA recognizes natural immunity for their athletes. 

It’s shameless for UVA Health to push an immoral agenda that discriminates against those who reject the Big Pharma medical experiment. 

Daniel Horowitz commented on The Blaze:

When Connors told her he already had COVID, Warburton said, “You may have had Delta, and that may not protect you against the Omicron variant, which is what we’re seeing now.”

The problem with that statement is that although it’s true that one can get Omicron despite prior infection, the vaccines appear to work even less than prior infection! Moreover, even before Omicron, there was no evidence that the shots protected organ transplant patients with robust immunity, and quite the contrary, one study clearly showed that prior infection provided much better immunity against serious illness in solid organ transplant patients than the shots.

While the notion that someone concerned with the risk of the shots would be denied a transplant is shocking, the only rationale one could conceive is that they don’t want to “waste” a kidney on someone they believe might die from COVID. But if that is the rationale, then the shots themselves offer very little protection, not nearly as much as natural infection. Moreover, it shows that not only are nephrologists who engage in this discrimination against science, they are also derelict in their duty of treating organ transplant patients with known therapeutics that work as opposed to relying upon failed shots.

Researchers at Toronto’s University Health Network (UHN) Transplant Centre studied the T cell responses in organ transplant patients who had prior infection without the shots vs. those who had the shots without prior infection. The science shows the exact opposite of what Dr. Warburton told this man in dire need of a transplant.

“Vaccinated SOTRs mounted significantly lower proportions of S-specific polyfunctional CD4 + T-cells after two doses, relative to unvaccinated SOTRs with prior COVID-19,” concluded the authors of the study, published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases last month. “Together, these results suggest that SOTR generate robust T-cell responses following natural infection that correlate with disease severity but generate comparatively lower T-cell responses following mRNA vaccination.”

Watch the full interview with Shamgar Connors:


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