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WATCH: Joe Biden Declares a “Winter of Severe Illness and Death” For the Unvaccinated



When I caught this clip on Twitter last night, I had a good laugh.

Biden has made a lifetime of nonsensical statements, but this quote will go down as one of the most ridiculous during his time in the Oval Office.

On Thursday, Biden and Kamala Harris held a meeting with the White House Covid response team to discuss the omicron (moronic) variant.

Despite most reports indicating fully vaccinated individuals contracting the omicron variant, Biden had an ominous warning for the unvaccinated.

Watch Biden’s muffled warning below:

What’s more ridiculous from this clip?

The statement that unvaccinated should prepare for a winter of severe illness & death or Biden obviously reading from a script.

Gateway Pundit explained why Biden’s statement is absurd:

CDC COVID-19 Response Team published a weekly report last Friday where a vast majority of the patients infected with the Omicron variant identified in the US so far were fully vaccinated individuals.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that of the 43 COVID-19 cases caused by the Omicron variants, 34 people were fully vaccinated. Of those fully vaccinated, 14 people had received their booster shots but five of those received their additional shots less than 14 days.

Only 8 people were unvaccinated who got infected with the Omicron variants and 1 person has status unknown.

Biden had trouble reading his script, so Fraudci had to lend a helping hand to ensure he relayed the right message from his handlers:

I’ve personally taken several screenshots of Biden’s laughable warning.

When spring arrives, unvaccinated Americans can show Biden they survived the “winter of severe illness & death.”


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