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(WATCH) Justin Trudeau, “You Can’t Use a Gun for Self-Protection in Canada”




Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was extremely blunt about Canadians’ right to self-defense in a recent interview.

“You can’t use a gun for self-protection in Canada,” Trudeau said.

“It’s not a right that you have.”


You can get a gun for hunting or sports shooting after going through rigorous background checks, according to Trudeau.

However, Trudeau asserts that law-abiding citizens cannot have a legally purchased gun for self-defense.

“One of the things that we’re seeing with the debate in the states [USA] is you get more and more of the American-style right-to-carry, self-defense arguments filtering up through the usual more right-wing communications channels,” Trudeau said.

Maybe it’s because more and more Canadians value the 2nd Amendment protections guaranteed for Americans in the U.S. Constitution, including from a tyrannical government.

Just a few weeks ago, Trudeau’s government introduced legislation for a national freeze on handgun ownership.

Canada Introduces Legislation for National Freeze on Handgun Ownership, Trudeau, “We’re Capping the Market for Handguns” (WATCH)


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