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WATCH: Pfizer Exec Runs From Questions



I only have one question…..

Why is she running? I mean, not just running, but quite literally bolting from the scene?

You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video below:

I’ll repeat the question in the Tweet above, what else is Pfizer hiding?

We already know that they have received the largest criminal fine in history for medical malfeasance and fraud, so we know we aren’t dealing with honorable people here.

Let’s take a look at the most recent allegations against them:

Daily Telegraph reports that Pfizer demanded a partly non-refundable secret payment from Australia:

And if the company’s jab failed to get regulatory approval or was never manufactured, the Australian taxpayer would have forfeited the right to recover half the estimated $240 million down payment.

The financial demand — laid bare in bombshell Health Department documents — was so sensitive, the federal government went to extraordinary lengths to hide it from the public.

Project Veritas has been hard at work exposing Pfizer:

The whistleblower who shared these emails with Project Veritas, Pfizer manufacturing quality auditor Melissa Strickler, said she was not sure whether aborted fetal tissue made it to the final COVID vaccine product.

“They’re being so deceptive in their emails, it’s almost like it is in the final vaccine. It just made me not trust it,” she said.

Strickler said that Project Veritas was the only place she could go to tell her story.



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