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The Interesting Case Of The Channel Islands U.F.O. Incident



Foreign adversaries may be flying clandestine missions within our airspace.

While this statement may seem alarmist, it likely isn’t even true. The UFO or UAP phenomenon has gripped America ever since the shocking New York Times article was released in 2018.

The report detailed a series of encounters with unidentified anomalous craft, and ever since then other reports have been leaking of other UAP and UFO related incidents.

Incidents which seem to take place at or near nuclear facilities and advanced instruments of war such as battleships.

One such incident is the Channel Islands event which took place over a period of several weeks in 2019.

According to reports, U.S. warships encountered a drone-like swarm of UAPs which still remain unidentified to this day.

The issue with thinking that these are foreign adversarial drones lies in the fact that we place an emphasis on stealth in covert or espionage operations.

In fact, the term covert is practically synonymous with stealth.

The idea that these objects would be stalking U.S. warships very close to our own coast while at the same time flashing brightly colored lights, hovering at low altitudes, and flying at low speeds flies in the face of every stealth precept we live by.

It is highly unlikely that these are foreign recon drones if this is how they are behaving, and these islands have a long history of being a hotbed for UFO activity that goes back decades.

Here’s more on the story:

The Hill released this report nearly 1 year ago:

Moreover, such a brazen and technically complex intelligence operation amounts to an enormous gamble for a hostile nation. Any shoot-down – as the Navy reportedly attempted – of a foreign surveillance drone so close to U.S. shores would invite sweeping geopolitical repercussions.

Importantly, if the UFOs that stalked the Navy warships were part of an adversarial intelligence collection effort, the objects’ operators made little effort to conceal their presence. Videos taken aboard one U.S. vessel show the mysterious craft displaying bright and flashing lights.

This study suggests, but does not conclusively find:

These considerations suggest that these UAVs may not have been piloted, but instead may have been remote controlled or autonomous. However, it should be noted that even equipment can only handle so much acceleration.

For example, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II has maintained structural integrity up to 13.5g [31]. Missiles can handle much higher accelerations. The Crotale NG VT1 missile has an airframe capable of withstanding 50g and can maintain maneuverability up to 35g [32].

However, these accelerations are still only about half of the lowest accelerations that we have estimated for these UAVs. The fact that these UAVs display no flight surfaces or apparent propulsion mechanisms, and do not produce sonic booms or excessive heat that would be released given the hundreds of GigaWatts of power that we expect should be involved (Figure 3C), strongly suggests that these anomalous craft are taking advantage of technology, engineering, or physics that we are unfamiliar with.

For example, the Tic-Tac UAV dropping from 28,000 ft to sea level in 0.78s involved at least 4.3×1011J of energy (assuming a mass of 1000kg), which is equivalent to about 100 tons of TNT, or the yield of 200 Tomahawk cruise missiles, released in 34 of a second.

One would have expected a catastrophic effect on the surrounding environment. This does not rule out the possibility that these UAVs have been developed by governments, organizations, or individuals on Earth, but it suggests that these UAVs and the technologies they employ may be of extraterrestrial origin.


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