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Avi Loeb And The Search For E.T. Tech On The Ocean Floor



In 2014 an object, believed to be a meteor, crashed into the ocean off the coast of Manus Island, Papua New Guinea

Avi Loeb, the researcher who concluded that Oumuamua was an intergalactic object, now wants to know if underwater debris from that same 2014 impact are intergalactic or artificial in origin.

The topic of UAPs and UFOs continues to receive an ever growing slice of public attention, as well as government inquiries into the issue.

Documents recently released from the Pentagon indicate that numerous injuries have been reported as being attributed to UAP/UFO encounters, these documents are 1,500 pages in length.

The U.S. Space Command recently confirmed the 2014 object as interstellar in origin:

CBS News also confirmed:

The U.S. Space Command announced this week that it determined a 2014 meteor hit that hit Earth was from outside the solar system. The meteor streaked across the sky off the coast of Manus Island, Papua New Guinea three years earlier than what was believed to be the first confirmed interstellar object detected entering our solar system.

Avi Loeb writes via The Debrief:

The fundamental question is whether any interstellar meteor might indicate a composition that is unambiguously artificial in origin?

Better still, perhaps some technological components would survive the impact. My dream is to press some buttons on a functional piece of equipment that was manufactured outside of Earth.

This gives a whole new meaning to a “fishing expedition”; in this case, one involving extraterrestrial equipment.


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