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Biden Considers Paying Immigrant Families $450,000 Per Person For Illegally Crossing the Border



Have we crossed a new threshold of leftist insanity?

On Thursday, reports surfaced of the Biden Administration’s considerations to pay immigrant families who claim they were separated at the Southern border.

And their reward is $450,000 for every single person.

That means a family of three can earn over $1 million for an illegal border crossing.

While illegal aliens would earn stacks of cash for entering the country, Americans face inflation, high taxes, and skyrocketing gas prices.

It’s the exact opposite of America First.

Biden’s agenda is a slap in the face to hard-working Americans everywhere.

When reports broke of the payment considerations, there was an onslaught of criticism on social media.

Check it out:

Daily Mail reported:

Officials from the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are considering the payments that could total close to $1 million for two people within the same family, people familiar told the Wall Street Journal.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which represents the separated families, has identified about 5,500 children separated from parents at the border during the course of the Trump-era policy.

Former President Trump’s administration enacted the policy in April 2018 and withdrew it two months later after much controversy in June.

The total potential payout could cost $1 billion or more.

The ‘zero-tolerance policy’ applied to families who illegally crossed the US-Mexico border to claim asylum. Since children could not be detained alongside their parents, the families were separated, sometimes with no way to track and reunited them later on, government investigations found.

Newsmax chimed in on Biden’s border debacle:

Biden, he continued, has “unleashed the worst border crisis in more than 30 years, and it’s all been because of his dismantling policies that were working,” said Pence.

By doing so, a message is being sent that the border is open to people who are coming into the United States and abusing the asylum system.

“What we have to do is get back to what was working, re-implement the remain-in-Mexico policy, require people to wait in Mexico when they apply for asylum, and let’s not be paying millions of dollars a week to pay people not to build the wall,” said Pence. “Let’s get back to building the wall. That border security worked.”

He also commented that while he and former President Donald Trump were in office, the Border Patrol’s agents knew they had the administration’s support.

We’ve seen countless idiotic policies from the Biden Administration.

But this one may take the cake for most insane proposal from any administration in American history.


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