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Biden Rejects Army Report On Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal



Personal responsibility is the beginning of prosperity, spirituality, and personal development…

Those who ignore personal responsibility do so at their own peril, and while such a strategy of dodging blame may work for even a little while, the consequences of shirking personal responsibility will eventually catch up to the individual.

Our politicians are adept at shirking personal responsibility, and no one seems to be better at this than Joe Biden.

Biden, who was responsible for the worst U.S. military exit since Vietnam has reportedly denied the Army’s report on the disastrous exit from Afghanistan.

Keep in mind that Taliban gorilla fighters have now been upgraded with U.S. grade military equipment, and possess air capability in the form of a small air force left to them by none other than Joe Biden…

Other reports indicate that there are still thousands of Americans who have been abandoned in Afghanistan.

Will the ‘Commander-in-Chief’ ever accept responsibility for the tragic fallout in the war-torn nation after 20 years of fighting, or will he continue to obfuscate?

Take a look through these reports and let us know what you think:

The Hill tells us:

“No, that’s not that I was told,” Biden said when asked if the details of the investigation, which was reported by The Washington Post, rang true to him. “There was no good time to get out, but if we had not gotten out, they acknowledged we would have had to put a hell of a lot more troops back in.”

Asked if he was rejecting the accounts or conclusions of the report, Biden replied, “Yes, I am.”

“I am rejecting them,” he said.


According to Fox News:

“It’s difficult to overstate how insulting Biden’s sweeping rejection is to so many service members and veterans,” Tapper said.

“Given the full content of the two-thousand pages of documents and this U.S. Army investigation which CNN has also obtained, many accounts are from troops who were on the ground at the gates near the canal around the airport, non-commissioned officers, junior officers, Joes, people with little political motivation to lie and heavy legal and moral obligation to tell the truth in sworn statements,” he added.


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