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Tens Of Thousands Of Afghan Refugees Unvetted



Those of you who regularly read WeLoveTrump, or TruthLion know that I am very anti-state.

I hate the government, and I have a 10,000 year recorded ledger justifying my position—it’s called history. That being said, government does have a rightful place.

One of the very few roles any government should take on is the protection of its nation’s borders. If a government fails in this critical area then they have absolutely no reason to exist.

The United States has one such government which cannot even fulfill this elementary obligation.

According to the latest reports, tens of thousands of Afghan refugees were not properly vetted, or worse—not even vetted at all before entering this country, as a part of an airlift during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

This is something which many people alleged months ago, but was relegated to the conspiracy bin along with every other true piece of information which casts a poor light on the lawless Biden regime.

Here is the information which has been slowly leaking out, piece by piece, for some time now:

Washington Examiner had an incredible piece detailing the homeland security issue:

As of early October, just 700 of the 82,000 admitted into the U.S. were determined to hold Special Immigrant Visas, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee ranking Republican Rob Portman of Ohio said in a Nov. 4 speech. A Special Immigration Visa, or SIV, is a special classification for foreigners granted permanent residency as a result of aiding the U.S. government during the war on terror.

A senior administration official said more than 40% of the 82,000 who made it to the U.S. were allies, meaning they are eligible for the visa but had not applied. The remaining roughly 60% were not eligible for the visa.


Just The News had previously reported:

Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-WI) discusses the threat that refugees fleeing from Afghanistan pose to the national security of the United States, saying that when the Wisconsin delegation went to visit refugee camp at Fort McCoy last week, out of 10,000 people being housed there, ‘none, not one, were on a special immigration visa’ meaning that ‘Homeland Security is not doing their job in terms of vetting’, a concern that Members of Congress had expressed before the Afghanistan Withdrawal.


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