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CANADA: Mother And 3-Year-Old Daughter Went In For Flu Shot; Both Given COVID-19 Jab Instead



I’m starting to lose count of how many vaccine ‘accidents’ I’ve reported on since the COVID-19 jab rollout. 

Reports continue to surface of adults and children going for a flu shot but instead receiving COVID-19 injections. 

In Maryland, a Walgreens administered a 4-year-old the COVID-19 jab before the FDA issued their emergency use authorization for 5-11-year-olds. 

While in Indiana, an entire family received the Pfizer COVID-19 jab instead of their requested flu shots. 

The trend of vaccine ‘accidents’ doesn’t exclude our northerly neighbors. 

In Manitoba, a mother and her 3-year-old daughter scheduled annual flu shots. 

Instead, they both received adult doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 jab.

CBC had the story:

Jenna Bardarson says her three-year-old daughter, Dali, is vibrant and healthy.

To make sure she stays that way, the Brandon, Man., mom booked regular annual flu shots on Nov. 24 for herself and her daughter at Brandon’s Keystone Centre.

But she says she got more than she asked for.

“We went in there to get our flu shots, and instead of getting our flu shots they gave us both adult Pfizer vaccines,” Bardarson said.

Jenna Bardarson was shocked when a healthcare provider told her about the mistake.

Bardarson already received two COVID-19 jab doses and wasn’t due for a booster dose until January.

As CBC noted, the mother and daughter started to feel side effects:

“I was concerned about … my daughter as we were starting to have side-effects and stuff,” she said. “I really was kind of angry and wanted to speak to someone.”

Bardarson says both she and her daughter had fevers and headaches. Dali started vomiting a few days after they got the shots.

Over a week later, Bardarson says she still hasn’t been able to get an answer from health officials about how the vaccine they were mistakenly given could impact her health, or her daughter’s.

Despite the gross level of incompetency, Bardarson doesn’t want others discouraged from getting vaccines.

“If you are going in and taking your child or even yourself in just a flu shot … double-check with your health-care provider or whoever is doing it just make sure they have the right medication,” she said.

Manitoba Health and Seniors Care acknowledged the mistake and said authorities would investigate.


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