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Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont Announces End to Statewide School Mask Mandate February 28th



Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) announced Monday that the statewide mask mandate for schools and daycares ends on February 28th. 

Lamont said local officials and school boards will determine masking requirements after the end of February. 

“We’ve earned it, Connecticut,” Lamont said. “It will be up to you, every town is different.”

All this means is that after February 28th, the fight for children to unmask in Connecticut schools will be against the school boards. 

I suspect many school districts will continue their mask requirements into March. 

The only action that stops the madness is children revolting in the schools by refusing to wear face masks. 

ABC 7 NY reported:

The plan is contingent upon the Connecticut General Assembly voting to extend – through legislation – the governor’s existing executive order that enables the public health commissioner with the ability of implementing mask requirements in certain settings.

“Connecticut is seeing a dramatic decline in cases caused by the Omicron variant, and children over the age of 5 have had the ability to get vaccinated for more than three months now,” Governor Lamont said. “With this in mind, I think we are in a good position to phase out the requirement that masks be worn in all schools statewide and shift the determination on whether to require this to the local level.”

As Briefly noted, Connecticut joins nearby states announcing a future end to statewide school mask mandates:

His remarks came after a move by New Jersey officials earlier Monday to lift that state’s mask mandate for schools.

“Now is the time for us to say, the statewide mask mandate is no longer at our level,” said Governor Lamont. “Each and every mayor, each and every superintendent can make that call themselves. I recommend the date Feb. 28.”

February 28th is roughly three weeks from the time of this post, so I cannot comprehend why Governor Lamont doesn’t remove his unconstitutional mask mandate now.

Does he want to abuse Connecticut children for three more weeks?

Or, does his administration want to find another excuse to extend the mandate before February 28th?

If these crooked politicians truly cared, they never would have placed these tyrannical mandates on schoolchildren.

FOX News shared the detrimental impact of school mask mandates:

Alexis Telep, 36, who works in radiology (her husband, Michael, is in sales), described in a recent phone interview with Fox News Digital the struggles their son Michael, 6, and daughter Lyla, 3, have been having.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Alexis Telep said. “I have seen tons of rising anxiety in both my children due to constant masking.”

Though both children are suffering, Telep said, it’s the situation with young Michael — diagnosed with autism, sensory processing disorder, claustrophobia, anxiety and ADHD — that’s particularly vexing.

The school mask mandate has been controversial — a group of parents even sued the state of Connecticut, claiming the governor’s mandate was unconstitutional, as Fox61 reported in early February. A state court upheld the mandate; there’s an appeal before the state Supreme Court.

Gov. Lamont’s executive order on masks is set to expire Feb. 15, but the governor on Monday, Feb. 7, recommended the statewide school mask mandate come to an end on Feb. 28, Fox61 noted. State officials will give the decision about mask wearing in schools to local municipal and school officials, the outlet also said.

As Truth Lion reported, face masks are blamed for an exponential rise of speech delays in babies and toddlers.

Speech Therapist Says Face Masks to Blame For 364% Spike in Baby and Toddler Referrals


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