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Mainstream COVID Narrative Continues to Crumble: Israeli Study Shows Vitamin D’s Power at Preventing Severe COVID-19 Illness



Talk about a COVID narrative backflip!

Proponents of early treatment have emphasized for two years the importance of sufficient vitamin D levels to prevent severe illness for COVID-19 patients.

Vitamin D deficiency was a critical risk factor for severe illness, but the COVID Cult ignored reasonable voices and blindly shouted: “follow the science.”

But the narrative has now crumbled like a house of cards, and mainstream media reversed their verdict on vitamin D.

They finally admit it’s an important supplement to help prevent COVID hospitalizations.

The Daily Mail explains:

Papers that did find a link were deemed not rigorous enough and not definitive. But a new study — this time in Israel — claims to have the most conclusive evidence yet.

Previous research has been criticised for only looking at vitamin D levels when the Covid patient was already in hospital.

Being ill is known to make levels of the vitamin drop, which may have skewed findings, according to critics.

To overcome this limitation, in their latest study, researchers from Bar Ilan University and the Galilee Medical Center looked at patient records up to two years before they were diagnosed with Covid.

They found people who were consistently deficient in the vitamin were up to 14 times more likely to suffer severe disease, even after adjusting for age and other underlying health woes.

The patients were in hospital before Israel’s vaccine rollout was widespread and scientists said its findings should be seen as a green light for anti-vaxxers to turn to supplements instead.

People are still strongly encourage to get jabbed, with extra vitamin D only offering a helping hand alongside more steadfast protection against the virus.

While mainstream media won’t waste an opportunity to slobber at the foot of Big Pharma, the bold statement is a massive flip of the COVID narrative.

I’d go as far as saying vitamin D is the only “vaccine” needed for COVID-19, given the CDC’s new definition of vaccination.

Can’t they admit, for once, those “crazy” anti-vaxxers were right all along?

Times of Israel added:

The study is based on research conducted during Israel’s first two waves of the virus, before vaccines were widely available, and doctors emphasized that vitamin supplements were not a substitute for vaccines, but rather a way to keep immunity levels from falling.

Vitamin D deficiency is endemic across the Middle East, including in Israel, where nearly four in five people are low on the vitamin, according to one study from 2011. By taking supplements before infection, though, the researchers in the new Israeli study found that patients could avoid the worst effects of the disease.

“We found it remarkable, and striking, to see the difference in the chances of becoming a severe patient when you are lacking in vitamin D compared to when you’re not,” said Dr. Amiel Dror, a Galilee Medical Center physician and Bar Ilan researcher who was part of the team behind the study.

He noted that his study was conducted pre-Omicron, but said that the coronavirus doesn’t change fundamentally enough between variants to negate vitamin D effectiveness.

“What we’re seeing when vitamin D helps people with COVID infections is a result of its effectiveness in bolstering the immune systems to deal with viral pathogens that attack the respiratory system,” he told The Times of Israel. “This is equally relevant for Omicron as it was for previous variants.”

Read the newly-published peer-reviewed study from PLOS ONE.


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