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Durham Has Evidence That The Clinton’s Attorney Lied



The ongoing Durham investigation continues to shed light on the Russia collusion hoax.

According to the most recent reports, John Durham says that the evidence shows that Sussmann did in fact lie when pushing the now discredited Trump-Russia narrative.

Concerns center around a meeting he had with former FBI General Counsel James Baker.

Sources claim that during the meeting Sussmann pushed discredited narratives in order to malign President Trump, and to satisfy an agenda for the Clinton campaign.

He did this while attempting to hide the fact that he was representing the interests of Mrs.Clinton.

Here is what we currently know about about the ongoing investigation:

Washington Examiner reports:

“As the defendant is aware from discovery, both of those interviews occurred years after the events in question, and Mr. Baker made these statements before he had the opportunity to refresh his recollection with contemporaneous or near-contemporaneous notes that have been provided to the defense in discovery,” Durham’s team said.

“Indeed, the defendant’s motion entirely ignores law enforcement reports of Mr. Baker’s subsequent three interviews with the Special Counsel’s Office in which he affirmed and then re-affirmed his now-clear recollection of the defendant’s false statement.”

Durham’s team made it clear in October that it plans to call Baker to testify to prove its case.

Conservative Brief states:

Sussman pleaded not guilty last month to charges that he lied to a federal agent.

Earlier, U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper ordered government prosecutors and Sussman’s defense attorneys to continue in their discovery process, which is likely to last for several more months.


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