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Florida Woman Dies of COVID-19 Complications After Husband Unsuccessfully Sued Hospital For Ivermectin



A 47-year-old Florida woman passed away on Friday due to COVID-19 complications.

Tamara Drock, a teacher from Loxahatchee near Palm Beach, Florida, spent 12 weeks in the hospital before her passing.

Her husband, Ryan Drock, sued the hospital last month in an attempt to force the staff to use Ivermectin for treatment.

The county judge denied the lawsuit, refusing to step on the toes of the corrupt medical establishment.

WTSP reported:

Tamara Drock’s husband told the Palm Beach Post that she died on Friday, 12 weeks after being admitted to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. Ryan Drock sued trying to require doctors to administer ivermectin, a drug approved to treat conditions caused by parasitic worms.

The FDA has not approved the drug as a COVID treatment. A judge said it would be dangerous to allow judges to overturn doctors’ decisions.

While hospitals deny Ivermectin, the media exposes its complicity in the smear campaign against the affordable, off-label drug.

Although Dr. Bryan Ardis exposed the detrimental side effects of Remdesivir, the media still does bidding for Big Pharma by promoting its use for COVID-19 treatment.

From WTSP:

That leads to some confusing scenarios in which the public hears of a drug with early promise and then hears the same drug is ineffective just a few months later. These confusing conditions have led to the rise in public popularity for some drugs that regulators aren’t yet comfortable approving and recommending to the public. The most well-known example is hydroxychloroquine, but the most recent example is ivermectin.


Yes, remdesivir is the only drug fully approved for use in treating COVID-19 by the FDA. However, the FDA only approved it for hospitalized patients.


Remdesivir, an antiviral drug, is the only drug the FDA has given full approval to for the treatment of COVID-19. Even then, the drug is only fully approved in specific settings.

Its usage is for hospitalized patients 12 and older weighing more than 88 pounds — its use in hospitalized patients under 12 is permissible under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Ryan Drock blamed the hospital for his wife’s death and vowed to press forward with legal action.

Independent shared details:

In an interview with the Palm Beach Post on Monday, Mr Drock blamed the hospital for Tamara’s death and vowed to keep pressing his case.

“I’m hoping they name a law after her so no one has to go through this,” he said. “If she had walked out of the hospital she could have had the medication.

“We don’t know if [the drug] would have saved her life, but it could have. Maybe it wouldn’t have done anything, but we’re pursuing the case strictly from a legal perspective. Every person in Florida has a constitutional right to choose what is done with their own body.”

The federal health agencies approve the toxic drug while misleading the public on the efficacy of cheaper, safer alternatives.

Hospitals deny non-approved drugs.

And the media smears the non-approved treatments and tricks the public into thinking the dangerous treatment is the only option.

It’s a three-headed monster that screws the American citizen and causes the loss of innocent life.


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