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Noah’s Newsletter – 10/5/21



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Tuesday night Newsletter!

Hope your week is off to a great start.

Did you know it’s only two months until Christmas?

Random thought, I know but the year is flying by.

Ok, let’s jump in to the news from today and our first one is a big one.

This is President Trump with John Solomon talking about Durham:

President Trump: “I Think They’re Going a LOT Further With Durham!”

Durham is so fascinating to me.

I still think there is something VERY odd and VERY key to the fact that we only have four pictures of the man that exist….in total!

Even after his recent indictment of attorney Sussman, there are still NO new photos and no actual video of the man.

How is that even possible?

I’m telling you, SOMETHING is up with that.  I don’t know what.  But it’s not normal.

For much more on that topic, read this:

Does John Durham Exist? A MAJOR Update To My Reporting From President Trump Himself!

And you gotta love this….the man who got 80 million votes, right?


Biden Triggered by FJB Signs Greeting Him in Michigan

And we have yet another “early retirement”.


N.I.H. Director Francis Collins To Resign Amid Scandal

Next up we go to John Ondrasik, who you may recognize more by the name Five For Fighting.

I’ve been a big Ondrasik/FFF fan for a long time now.

Isn’t it funny how you just kind of know who the good guys are?

And Ondrasik is one of the good guys.

Check this out:

Five For Fighting’s John Ondrasik Writes Anti-Biden Anthem: “Blood On My Hands”

He was on Hannity last night telling the full story.

Good man!

And our mission to get one of these on every street in America continues…..

Looks like we’re well on pace!

Join in here:

NEW MISSION: Get a “Trump Won” Flag On Every Street In America!

And then we have two stories that go together….

First this:

85% of Recent New South Wales, Australia COVID-19 Deaths Were Fully or Partially Vaccinated

And then this:

America’s Most COVID-19 Vaccinated State Sees Dramatic Surge

See a connection?

Why is it the vaccinated seem to be contracting COVID at a much higher rate than the non-vaxxed?

Nevermind, we all know the answer.

And we end with our top story.

Joe just coined yet another new word:

Joe Biden Slurs His Words Again: What Is a “Jargy”?

Remove this fool.

Ok, that’s all.

Long one tonight.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,


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