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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/11/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

We start with Breaking News tonight as I’m working on this Newsletter….

Quite literally WW3 is breaking out before our very eyes as the US and UK jointly bomb Yemen:

BREAKING: US and UK Launch Airstrikes on Houthi Rebels in Yemen

I'm old enough to remember when something like this needed a Congressional Declaration of War....

But who needs that silly Constitution anyway!

More details here:

Biden Launches Unauthorized Air Strikes Against Houthis Rebels In Yemen – Democrats Are Not Happy

I think this sums it up rather perfectly:

Exactly right Joey!

In another Breaking story, Texas is doing what our Federal Government can't or won't do:

BREAKING: Texas National Guard Take Control of Border! Restricts Border Patrol Access

Now stop for a minute and put those two stories together....

We are perfectly happy to travel halfway around the "Globe" to the other side of the world and bomb the hell out of another Country, and yet we won't protect our own Borders?

Now ask yourself why....

Moving on, next up we have a story broke earlier today by Laura Loomer:

EXPOSED? Governor of Iowa Accused of Using Secret X Account to Slander Trump

I'm not 100% convinced that is actually an account ran by Gov. Reynolds....

It just seems too "on the nose" for me.

If you're going to have a burner account and use it to flame Trump and pump DeSanctus, I don't think you'd really name it "Kimberly Reynolds".

Seems kind of not so bright?

Feels to me more like someone clowning around.

I can't see why she would do that and use her own name?

Clearly we all know when you're going to have a burner Twitter account you have to use a name like "Pierre Delecto" (Mitt Romney) or "Zaza Demon" (AOC) -- you never use your real name, that would just be dumb.

Sorry Laura, but I think you may have gotten "Loomered" on this one.

Love ya anyway, keep up the good work!

Next we go to President Trump who by many accounts "Took over the Courtroom today" and told the (corrupt) Judge "you can listen to me for more than a minute":

President Trump Defies Judge Engoron, Speaks In His Own Defense At Closing!

Way to go, sir!

You are 100% in the right!

I also found this very interesting:

[WATCH] President Trump Says He Already Made His Vice President Selection

Who do you think it is?

Better yet, who is YOUR top choice?

NATIONAL POLL: Who Is Your Top Choice For Trump's VP?

This next one is from last night but I am still loving it and wanted to make sure you didn't miss it:

Man Filing Lawsuits To Remove Trump From Ballots Arrested For 33 Federal Counts!


Back and better than ever!

Gotta love this next one, and gotta love Dean Cain:

Guess Who Is NOT Mentioned In The Epstein Docs? Dean Cain

Then we have breaking news from one of America's top hospital chains:

BREAKING: Mandatory Mask Mandates Return To Johns Hopkins Hospital System

Right on schedule for the 2024 election, don't you think?

So predictable.

So sad.

So much "science"!

And speaking of science, we end with something pretty incredible:

China Just Invented The “Invisibility Cloak” — Yes, Really…

What a time to be alive!

Ok, that's all for tonight.

Your friend,



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