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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/12/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

Sorry this is late tonight, experiencing a TON of technical issues around here.

Have to wonder if it’s censorship because by all accounts and based on all bills I keep paying, we have the absolutely best and top tech you can buy.

And yet I sometimes have problems even getting this Newsletter out the door.

No matter, I will not be deterred, I am resourceful and I don’t give up easily!

Ok, we start tonight with this:

Congressional Democrats Propose Legislation To Forbid Militia Activity

Gee, I wonder what they're so afraid of!

Also, someone should tell them this right is MEMORIALIZED and canonized in the 2nd Amendment.

But they probably don't care.

They HATE the Second Amendment almost as much as they hate the First Amendment.

Then we have Biden with more Election Interference:

Buying Votes? Joe Biden Cancels Student Loans for More Borrowers

Then we have even MORE election interference here:

Hold On, He’s Coming, President Trump Makes Court Announcement

And I love to see this:

Donald Trump Picks Up Endorsement From GOP Senator As Iowa Caucus Approaches

Thank you sir!

I continue to love the absolute poetic justice of this:

Never-Trump RINO Behind 14th Amendment Challenges CHARGED And ARRESTED!

And more here:

Ohio Judge Hands Down Landmark Ruling For Election Integrity!

And of course this should surprise no one:

Woke Sports Network FORCED To Give Back Awards Following Scandalous Discovery!

When you go WOKE, you lose all normal moral codes.

And even CNN waking up?

WATCH: CNN Legal Analyst Makes Stunning Admission Regarding Trump-Hating Attorney General

Brand new bad news for Mike Lindell today:

BREAKING: Mike Lindell Says MyPillow Ads “Cancelled” By Fox News (VIDEO)

Thank you to everyone who continues to give him your support!

And this guy is a real Antichrist PUKE:

Pope Francis Calls For Ban On Surrogacy – “I Deem Deplorable The Practice”

Gee thanks bud, so let me see if I have this correct....

You LOVE gay marriage....

You LOVE abortion....

But you deem "surrogacy" deplorable.

Hey, where have I heard that word before, "deplorable"....hmmmm, let me think!

They're all demons folks, have you figured it out yet?

And this guy is chief among them!

I don't often like to take absolute stands on moral and spiritual issues, but I can tell you this one for sure.....this fellow, "Pope Francis" will rot in HELL with all the Demons and Fallen Angels and Nephilim for all of eternity!

The lake of fire is his permanent residency.

I hope it was worth it "Father".

What a joke.

I gotta move on....

Speaking of jokes, you kidding me with this?

Trump Asked If He Will Use Seal Team Six To Assassinate Political Rivals

And we end with our top story:

The Surprising Way A Faith-Based Gold Company Is Helping Americans Protect Their Retirement

I have to run, see you tomorrow!

Your friend,



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