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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/17/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

Wow, so much to show you tonight that I won’t be able to get to all of it.

I recommend you bookmark and check it for everything I can’t get to tonight:

Home Page

But I’ll do my best to give you as many highlights as I can….

Let’s jump in and we’ll go fast!

Starting with this incredible news out of Maine:

BREAKING: Maine Superior Court Rules To KEEP President Trump On The Ballot

Here's what I posted to Twitter when I saw the news:

BREAKING: Maine Supreme Court decides to KEEP President Trump on the Ballot!

Looking like Colorado is out on an island and about to get the US SCOTUS beat down soon! My prediction.

Then we go to Trump's trial involving that weirdo E. Jean Carroll:

Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Pulls a Hillary Clinton, ADMITS to Deleting Email Evidence Under Subpoena

How is that even legal?

But of course she can get away with anything because she's an anti-Trumper on the Left.

Tensions hit a boiling point in the Courtroom today where President Trump finally shot back at the Judge with four incredible words:

Tension Peaks: Judge Threatens Trump With Expulsion from E. Jean Carroll Trial

Speaking of shooting back, an update on the McCloskeys....

Remember them?

Can the McCloskeys Get Their Guns Back? Judges Pull Trigger on Ruling

Next up, I did not expect to see this today....

This guy is many things but he's not dumb.

Looks like he's trying to get back in Trump's good graces before November:

JPMorgan CEO Praises Trump at Davos

And we all knew this was happening but now we have proof:

Surveillance State: Feds Asked Banks For Private Transactions For Terms With ‘MAGA,’ ‘Trump’

So wrong and so illegal!

And one bank did it voluntarily!

These people are horrible!

Speaking of horrible, have you seen this?

Man Awarded $332 Million For Proving Popular Weedkiller Caused His Cancer

Oh, and one more here:

“DISEASE X” —  Are The Globalists Planning Another Pandemic?

Next up, I've been telling you King Charles' reign looks like it will be short....

Here's the latest:

BREAKING: King Charles Heads To Hospital For Surgery

And lucky for us, Bill Gates is coming to save the day with PERMA VACCINES!

Oh and no needles!

What a guy!

Bill Gates Promises Needle-Free Vaccines With ‘Broader Coverage’

Sadly, it's just getting embarrassing for Ron DeSantis:

Desantis Says He Will Debate Two Empty Podiums If Needed

Ron, trust me when I say this because it's truly in your best interest....

No one in your circle has your best interest at heart.

Drop out now before you further tarnish your reputation.

Think about this.....

Remember how popular Ron was as the Governor of Florida before he ran for President?

Everyone loved him!

He could have ridden that wave for a long time and then ran for President when it was good timing, but he's blown any goodwill he had and tarnished his image for decades.

Whoever advised him to run forced him to commit career suicide.

Speaking of New Hampshire, here's your latest update:

New Hampshire Polls Are Out – See Where President Trump Stands

And we end with our top story....

I'm hosting a huge even next Tuesday and I really hope you can join me.

Details here:

Our Mission Just Crossed 165,000 People and Growing — Can You Meet With Me? [From NOAH]

Ok, before I go, two housekeeping items....

First up, I will have the results of this Vivek Poll for you tomorrow.

Results are still flooding in and quite frankly I want to let it play out and let the dust settle.

You might be VERY surprised at how this is ending up.

In the meantime, please add your vote if you haven't yet and SHARE so we can reach the max amount of people for best results:

NATIONAL POLL: Would You Support Vivek For VP?

And second, wow people are loving this red beanie hat.

I mean, I'm not surprised....

So one more shot in case you missed's FREE to you while they last (just cover the cost for me to get it to you).

Check availability here:

See you tomorrow!

Your friend,



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