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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/18/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

So much to show you tonight, let’s get started quickly!

Another big win from another State for President Trump:

BREAKING: Trump Stays on State Ballot, Rules Washington Judge

And this kind of garbage needs to stop:

Female Teacher Beaten Unconscious By 270-Pound Student Speaks Out, Refuses To Help Attacker Get Lighter Sentence


You do that a few times and this nonsense will stop.

Maybe 20 years!

Give this animal plenty of time to think about the crime he committed and maybe get anally violated a few times while he's in there too!

I have to move on....

Look at this next one:

DOJ Affirms Authenticity of Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Gee, only 4 years too late!

But thanks for trying DOJ and FBI!

Speaking of worthless, Joe is SHOT!

HE’S SHOT: “Where’s Deborah? I Just Had My Picture Taken with Her…That’s Not True. I Got Mixed Up!” (VIDEO)

Or is there more going on?

Is Jim Carrey Playing Joe Biden In A “Mask”?

Get ready for the Trump Boomerang Effect to strike down Fani Willis next....

And it's going to be great!

BREAKING: Fani Willis Faces Hearing On Misconduct!

Then we have something that really caught my eye today....

MSM stories with the headline: "Why It's Proving Harder To Land on the Moon Today Than It Was 50 Years Ago".

I had to respond to that:

MSM: “Why Landing On The Moon Is Proving More Difficult Today Than 50 Years Ago…”

And closely related:

So…What’s The Motivation To LIE About The Shape Of The Earth?

Did someone say "Firmament"?


Trump Boomerang also headed for Jack Smith.


JUST IN: Trump Attorneys File “Bombshell” Motion to EXPOSE Biden’s Collusion With Jack Smith

And we had some fun with this one today:

Why Does Nancy Pelosi Look Drunk As A Skunk…With FOUR Eyebrows?

As promised, I have these results for you next...

And I think this might surprise a lot of you:

Would You Support Vivek For VP? Here Are The Results!

Then we end with our top story....

Something I've been meaning to write for a long time now.

Finally put it all together today:

Memo To The MSM: We Are CHRISTIANS, Not “Evangelicals”

Love to get your thoughts on that one!

And on everything actually.

Shoot me a reply back or drop a comment.

Your friend,



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