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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/2/22



Hi friends!

Noah here and I have a huge Newsletter for you tonight.

Starting first with this:

Gallup Suddenly Cancels 74-Year Tradition of “Most Admired Man;” Is it Because Trump Won Bigly?

You KNOW that’s the truth…

Can you say 82 million Americans who love him?

Or is the number now over 100 million?

I have my suspicions…

Speaking of POTUS, this continues to be the #1 question I get all day, every day so let’s address it:

REVEALED: Is This Why President Trump Is “Pushing” The Poison Vaxx?

Your thoughts?

And next is a very important warning:

WARNING: The Coming Vaxx Booster Twist That NO ONE Is Talking About! [Exclusive]

Please stay safe folks!

Sticking with BioTech, how’s this for truly terrifying?

Pfizer CEO: New Pill Will Have a Microchip That Transmits Info Once You Swallow It!

Oh and it’s not Conspiracy Theory….nope, it comes direct from the FDA’s own website!

This next one is very powerful and very important:


Share with your friends to wake them up!

Then we have another huge bombshell leaking from the Joe Rogan interview:

Dr. Robert Malone Bombshell: “People with natural immunity have massive risk of adverse events from the vaccine!”

Don’t forget, while Dr. Malone was critical of many, he praised Dr. Zelenko and his Z-Stack formula…

If you want the Z-Stack it’s finally back in stock and the website glitch is fixed:

And more from the CDC….will you look at this?

Oh and this is from July?

So basically this means the whole thing is now confirmed as a total scam, do I have that correct?

BREAKING: CDC Cancels PCR Test, Admits It Can’t Differentiate Between COVID and Flu!


Imagine losing your job over a scam or injecting your body with poison over a scam.

Oh my…

Now for something positive.

As I like to do each Sunday, please enjoy this Gospel Message from our friend Pastor Robb:

Sunday’s Gospel Message: Captivated By His Glory!

And from one pastor we move to another pastor…

This is very troubling:

BREAKING: Pastor Artur Pawlowski Arrested AGAIN in SWAT-Style Highway Takedown (VIDEO)

And we end with our top story…

Have you heard of a DEW attack?

Not Mt. Dew….

A Directed Energy Weapon.

Many people believe that’s what we just saw happen:

“DEW” Attack Suspected In Unprecedented Colorado Fires

Your thoughts?

Let me know with a reply email or comment below.

Your friend,



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