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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/3/22



Hi friends!

Noah here and I hope your Monday was good!

Back to the swing of things?

Back to the J-O-B?

I am definitely back to work and I have a ton for you today.

Starting with something we told you for a LONG time!

The “fact checkers” claimed it was fake, but now?

Now a year later?

Proven true:

Finally! Feds Admit They Ran Secret DOJ “Commandos” During Jan. 6 Protests

And then we have this…

Your kids are already up to their first booster jab:

FDA Authorizes Pfizer COVID-19 Booster For Children Ages 12-15

Imagine taking something that didn’t work and then taking 5 “boosters” of the same thing….

How dumb would you have to be?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Next is another really horrible story:

Cape Cod Children Aged One & Six Orphaned After Both Parents Suddenly Pass Away After Christmas Due to ‘Medical Conditions’

I heard today from a friend who does funerals that they are experiencing more deaths in young age groups than they have EVER remembered in their career.

And it was hilarious too because before they told me they said “I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but…….”

You see, that’s exactly the point of the Great Awakening.

Eventually, this becomes undeniable.

The facts will speak for themselves.

And it’s already starting to happen.

As more and more young people very tragically drop dead with no explanation, the truth WILL come out!

Next we move to the pilots:

WATCH: Vaccine-Injured Pilot Says Vaccinated Pilots Are a Flight Risk; Some Go to Work With Crushing Chest & Head Pains

Truth coming out there too!

Then we have this bombshell:

Prince Andrew Settlement Revealed

MSM did not report it, but we will!

And our top story of the day:

Nashville Doctor Dies After Receiving Pfizer Shot; Media Claims He Died from COVID

Plus this:

Government Admits Military “Mass Formation Psychosis” Used to Create COVID Fear in General Public

And this:

Democrat Township Commissioner Arrested for Rape of 15-Year-Old Boy

And we end with this gem:

Gallup Suddenly Cancels 74-Year Tradition of “Most Admired Man;” Is it Because Trump Won Bigly?

That’s a wrap for tonight.

Before you go, one bonus question:

See you back here tomorrow!

Your friend,



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