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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/21/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Sunday night Newsletter.

Wow, what a day!

Let’s just jump right in, Ron DeSantis is OUT of the race!

BREAKING: Ron DeSantis Drops Out, Endorses Trump!

He never should have entered it in the first place, but credit for dropping out before New Hampshire and giving Trump the edge over Nikki Haley.

We told you back on January 14th Ron would drop out before the New Hampshire vote:

Did we nail it or what?

Remember, New Hampshire will be close....

Not because anyone likes Nikki Haley -- she's vile and a horrible person.

But it will be close because Democrats can vote in the primary in NH, so Nikki Haley will have a strong showing.

Shifting Ron's 15% over to Trump should be plenty to seal the deal and end this primary nonsense.

Thank you Ron.

President Trump himself had a gracious response:

President Trump Responds To Ron DeSantis Dropping Out and Endorsing Trump

And then I had to check in with all the DeSantis supporters....

Here's how they were handling things:

DeSantis Supporters React To His Failed Campaign

I can't figure out why they call this Bill Mitchell guy an "Aging Lesbian".


Anyway, we have to move on....

With Ron out of the race, the name "DeSanctimonious" is now officially retired:

Donald Trump Officially Retires Ron DeSantis Nickname

Now let's shift over to hyperspace for our Sunday Gospel Message:

GOSPEL MESSAGE: The Resurrection Life

Big heads up next on this one if you shop at any of these stores:

RECALL ALERT: CDC Expands Recall of Meat Products Sold At Costco, Sam’s Club

And then we had to address this today....

Did Trump misspeak?

Or did he play the MSM like a fiddle perfectly yet again?

You gotta love it:

Trump Mixes Up Nikki Haley With Pelosi? Gets Media To Admit Truth About Pelosi

Big update from my friend Bo Polny who was back on my show today:

Bo Polny (and his dog) Join Me For a Big Update!

And speaking of Gold, these are the only two companies I work with:

REVEALED: The Only Two Gold Companies I Am Proud To Partner With

And we end with our top story.....

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Then stop using their poison products.

Read this:

Stop Supporting The Enemy…Here’s How!

That's a wrap for tonight!

Your friend,



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