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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/22/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Monday night Newsletter…

So much to show you tonight, starting with President Trump.

He is absolutely on fire tonight in NH.

He’s live on Rumble here if you want to see it.

He looks strong and feisty tonight!

But he’s in a great mood.

Incredible how this man has withstood so much and he only seems to get stronger and tougher and looks YOUNGER!

Ok, first story tonight, can you even imagine flying and looking out your window to see this?

Missing Screws! Passenger Spots SERIOUS Problem on Wing

This is criminal!

I would honestly be scared to fly right now, these tin cans in the sky are death traps!

Next up, I keep telling you that the Banking Crisis is NOT over...

If you think the Bank Failures are over, you are wrong.

Going to be some big ones this year.

And I think this is your big boy that goes down:

BREAKING: Citigroup To Slash 20,000 Jobs!

Nobody is going to want to own any bank stocks, but they will be clamoring for least that's my opinion.

And Andy Shectman's opinion:

Andy Shectman: “No one wants to sell their Gold or Silver at these make believe prices”

Our biggest story of the day is this one:

Supreme Court Sides With Biden Over Border Crisis, Here Are The Conservative Justices Who FLIPPED

Read the article to the end for my Editor's Note on why I think this looks and feels bad right now but actually could be a HUGE benefit to President Trump!

Secret weapon!

A gift!

Then we have this:

Disney Invents The “HoloTile” Floor

Before you hate on Disney or on tech, read the full article for my thoughts.

And next up, I know this is controversial, but don't blame me....I am just reporting on what President Trump keeps saying:

President Trump Once Again Explains Why “The Pause” Was Necessary

If you've got a problem with The Pause, take it up with POTUS.

Warning on this next one, some very graphic content in here, but the story must be shared:

Paris Hilton EXPOSES Her Child Abuse and MKUltra [Warning: Graphic Content]

And it's looking like the son is much dumber than the father, but equally evil:

Did Alex Soros Just Threaten Trump With Assassination? Here’s Why People Are Freaking Out

And then we have this....did someone say Engineered Weather?

Arctic blast was engineered to cause maximum damage to farms, roads and infrastructure, and interruptions to society

Oh you mean like Chemtrails?

Then we go to Elizabeth Warren for this flashback to 2009....

Where did the $350 billion go Liz?

FLASHBACK: Elizabeth Warren Tells Bill Maher She Doesn’t Know Where $350 Billion of TARP Taxpayer Money Went!

Now back to The Pause for a minute....

Hear me out on this:

What If Trump’s VP Is — Mike Pence? Hear Me Out…

And we end with our top story....

You gotta love this:

U.S. Ranchers Banding Together To Save Our Food Supply! $300 Million Raised!

Also gotta love those Ranchers....

Is this a mother daughter situation or two sisters?

What's going on here?

I'd better end with that, I'll show myself out.

See you back here tomorrow!

Your friend,



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