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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/24/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter…

Hope you’re doing great.

Another huge day of news….

Really excited to show you everything we’ve put together!

Mike Lindell says this should be Front Page News everywhere and I agree — so you’re getting this first tonight:

Mike Lindell: This Should Be Front Page News Everywhere!

Pretty crazy, right?

And speaking of the News and Media, here's how they lie to you and control you:

Must See Video Shows How They Manipulate You With The News

Pretty incredible video...

Get that everywhere!

And what in the world is this?

This Will Blow Your Mind: The 1990s “Trump Card” Game Show — Ever Seen This?

I just have one question....

I lived through the 90's.

I do not even vaguely remember that show.

Does anyone else ever remember watching this or even seeing it?

Wild stuff!

Are we watching a movie?

Then we go to Kari Lake....

Remember how we told you back in September that someone tried to bribe her to drop out?

We did.

Everyone laughed.

Well, today it is not only confirmed but the man who tried to bribe her has resigned in disgrace after Kari told him to:

JUST IN: Arizona GOP Chair RESIGNS After Leaked Kari Lake Bribery Audio Scandal

Oh my!

Patrick Bet-David needs to have her back on his show ASAP!

Speaking of wild stories, this one is not making any sense and more people are now coming forward to call it out:

UPDATE: Fifth Man Contradicts Story Relating To Kansas City Chiefs Fans’ Who Froze To Death

What is going on here?

And speaking of crazy, how is this possible?

California Women Stabs Boyfriend 108 Times – Only Given Probation Due To ‘Cannabis-Induced Psychosis’

Next up, here's your friendly reminder that you might want to get some gold:

This Faith-Based Gold Company Is On A Mission To Change the Way Americans Protect Their Retirement!

Next we go to a couple dead guys.

First up:

Hugh Hefner’s Widow Reveals Final Words On His Death Bed

And sadly second:

Dana Carvey’s Son Dex’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Wow, crazy thing is that building in the background looks EXACTLY like my old Elementary School.


Next we go to this:

8 In 10 New Hampshire Republicans Believe Joe Biden Is Illegitimate President – Iowa Shares Similar Results

If you remember, a similar poll was ran in Iowa an came back at 68%, which was stunning enough.... Now it's 80%!

Let that sink in....

80% of voters in the very Liberal New Hampshire think Joe Biden did not win 2020!

When I ran the Iowa story, a man emailed me to say "well that's not representative of the entire country".

Fair enough looks like the entire country may be closer to 80%!  Oh my!

But as crazy as all of that is, here's what I really want to know....who keeps running these polls?

These are CNN and other Legacy Media polls.

Why do they keep asking this question?

Unless....the White Hats have control and they are trying everything they can to slowly declass and redpill and wake up the country before the real reveal comes out....

What do you think?

And speaking of the Media, here's why I no longer call them the MSM!

Here’s Why I No Longer Call Them The “Mainstream Media” [from Noah]

And we end tonight with our top story.

Don't boycott....

But perhaps it's time to Switch Away?

Is It Time To Stop Supporting Target, Walmart P&G, Gillette and Bud Light? Do This Instead!

Your friend,



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