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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/25/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

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Ok, now on with the news…

We start off tonight with breaking news about WWE founder Vince McMahon — and it’s bad folks:

Vince McMahon Accused of Sex Trafficking

Note, not just sexual assault, which would be bad enough, but accused of sex trafficking!


Innocent until proven guilty and we'll continue to monitor the story.

This guy is also innocent until proven guilty but most in the court of public opinion have convicted him already:

Watch Bill Gates’ Reaction When Asked: “Is the Vaccine safe?”

How evil can one man get?

Then we move from Underground Tunnels in NYC to secret caves in CA:

Secret Caves Under CA River Expose Troubling Homeless Encampments

And with South Carolina coming up, I was starting to wonder who Lindsey Graham was endorsing....

Well, here you go:

Lindsey Graham Endorses President Trump As South Carolina Is Up For Grabs

No, I don't respect him but he is a good "politician" and even he knows it's best to board the Trump Train!

And from the Trump Train we move to the Trump Card and Part 2 of a story I first brought you last night:

UPDATE: “Trump Card” Game Show — Part 2

Then we have Hawaii doing this:

JUST IN: Hawaii Moves To Remove Trump From Ballot – What’s Motivating This?

Uh oh!

Trump Boomerang Effect in full play here, is Hawaii about to go red for the first time in a long time?

And look at this poor baby crying:

Guitarist For Popular Rock Band Upset Song Played At President Trump Rally

Then we have something truly awful:

American Airlines Plane Forced To Make A U-Turn Due To Gassy Passenger

I gotta tell you this...I am pretty sure I have sat next to that guy several times!

Almost every time I fly someone decides to rip huge farts and then we're all stuck inside that horrible tin can smelling them the whole flight.

Flying is a miserable experience.

Love this next one:

Rob Schneider’s Wife’s Red-Pill Moment

And everyone needs to see this:

Decorated Army Infantryman Shows You How To Survive The Biggest Threat To America Ignorance Could Doom 90% Of Americans

Big heads up on Bitcoin....

You ready?

Get excited:

GREATEST Financial Event in Human History – Bitcoin’s 2024 CYCLE! Bo Polny

And this is an open invitation to any Christian Mike Flynn supporters to help me figure this out....

Also an open invitation to Flynn himself to come on my show and chat with me about this.

I've offered that for years now and he never takes me up on it.

But I'll make the invite here again:

Can Any Christian Gen. Flynn Supporters Help Me Out Here?

Heads up on this....

Do not drink this!

JUST IN: FDA Proposes Ban Of Popular Food Additive: “No Longer Considered Safe”

And we end with our top story...

I've been wanting to write this for a while now.

Just been working it out in my head and today I was finally able to get it all down on paper.

That's right, we're tackling it head on:

So…What’s Going On With The Jews?

Love to get your thoughts!

Your friend,



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