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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/31/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

Did you think the Banking Crisis of 2023 was over?

I kept telling you it wasn’t.

Today may have started the Banking Crash 2.0….and as I’ve said many times, I think what you saw in 2023 was just the warm up act.  The dress rehearsal.  Now comes the Big Daddy….

This broke today:

Bank Crash 2.0 Incoming? Another Bank On The Verge Of Collapse — Death Candle — Trading Halted!

Now let's go deep on it....

Understand exactly what's happening and why it's unlikely to recover:

Watch This Right Now — Another MAJOR Bank Is Failing!

It's why I've been telling you about Gold so much the past few months....

Because the time to prepare is not AFTER the crisis hits, it's before.

You still have time, but you need to get moving:

The ONLY Two Gold Companies I Am Proud To Partner With

Then we had this happen today:

Massive Explosion At Oklahoma Gas Pipeline, Reportedly Shoots Flames 500 Feet Into The Sky [WATCH]

Which reminded me of this from 2 days before:

BREAKING: Explosion Sets Chicken Plant Ablaze In Texas

Which led me to research this and I was blown away with the results....

Check this out:

STUNNING: Map Shows All Food Processing Plants That Have Burned Down, Blown Up or Been Destroyed Under Biden

Might be time to get to know some farmers and ranchers!

U.S. Ranchers Band Together, Raise $300M To Save Our Food Supply!

In 2020, the "Planned-Demic" kept us in our houses and cut us off from friends, family and loved ones.

In 2024, I think the next "demic" that they launch on us will be focused on the Food Supply....

I can already see the writing on the wall.

Can you?

Former Soldier’s Insider Warning Reveals America’s Food Security Nightmare

And is the Fetterman household splitting up?

Sen. John Fetterman’s Wife Deletes Social Media Pages, Sparking Divorce Rumors

We continue to monitor this BIZARRE Kansas City Chiefs fans death story and it's getting stranger:

WATCH: Mystery of 3 Dead Kansas City Chiefs Fans, Bizarre Video Surfaces

Hate to report on this but I have to:

Trump Administration Official In Critical Condition After DC Shooting

And more bad news for Fani today:

LISTEN: Uncovered Audio Reveals Whistleblower FIRED After Warning Fani Willis About Misuse of Federal Funds

Her entire case will soon implode, along with her "career".

That's my prediction!

And we end with a walk down memory lane....

I was reminded of this today and it's one of my favorite memories of things I was able to do in 2023 as part of this job.

A totally surreal moment and I wanted to share it with you again in case you've never seen it before:

EXCLUSIVE: My Sit Down With SUPERMAN Himself, Dean Cain

I grew up watching Superman on ABC, Sunday nights at 6pm.

As a 10 year old, it was the coolest thing ever!

Especially when you remember that we only had 3 TV channels (4 after we got Fox) and Superhero movies at the movie theater didn't really exist yet.

I wasn't a huge Superhero guy, but I did love Superman and I got to watch it every Sunday night.

Flash-forward 30 years and I'm literally sitting down to chat with "Clark Kent" himself.

Wanna know the best part?

Dean Cain is a genuinely good guy.

He's even nicer off-camera.  Just an all around great human being.

It was a real honor and treat to be able to chat with the Man of Steel himself, so I hope you enjoy that one if you haven't seen it before.

Ok, that's all for tonight.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

Your friend,



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