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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/4/23



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Wednesday night update…

First up:

JUST IN: Kari Lake Receives Response to Petition from Arizona Supreme Court

Next is my take on the Speaker of the House situation.

I think it’s very clear:

I’m 100% With Matt Gaetz, Here’s Why… [From NOAH]

Next up, I wish I was making this up or that it was satire….but it’s real:

U.S. Government Green Lights Vaccine for Honeybees

These people are insane!

Next is a big one I know many have been waiting for….

Bo Polny returned to my show and it was wild:

End-Times Prophecy Of The U.S. Presidents (8 Years Left)

Then we have this:

Why Did Katie Hobbs Burst Out Laughing When Swearing an Oath to “Support” the Constitution?

I know what this is.

I’ve seen it before.

This is quite literally the demon inside of her forcing her to giggle uncontrollably.

Really troubling:

Why Did Katie Hobbs Burst Out Laughing When Swearing an Oath to “Support” the Constitution?

And I love how many emails I’m getting every day about this:

People Waking Up To Chemtrails Everywhere!

People waking up all over the world!


Only one more day to grab this before it’s gone:

All The Bad Guys Are Here…

I love what they are doing over there so much….

Let me know if you have them!

And we end with this:

Why Is There a Massive Fence/Wall Around The Federal Reserve Bank Building?

Yes, it’s real.

Sourced with two different videos.

And just as I was typing this, I have breaking news:

HAPPENING NOW: McCarthy Caves, Gives In to Every Demand Made by GOP Detractors: Report

My take?

Don’t give in!

This rat will just welch on the deal and you’ll get nothing!


Ok, and one bonus…

TruthSocial just lost it’s Warrant Canary.

That’s big.

And not good.

Here’s what that means:

RED ALERT: TruthSocial’s “Warrant Canary” Is Gone!

That’s a wrap.

Your friend,



Your friend,



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