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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/10/21



Hi friends,

Noah here with your Sunday evening Newsletter.

You’re not going to believe some of the stuff I have for you today.

But before we get into those, I need to make sure we stay connected.

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Ok, now on with today’s news….

I’m telling you, some really big stuff in here.

Probably some you will want to bookmark or print off.  And definitely forward to your friends and family.

We start with the poison vaxx and something I originally reported to you over a month ago, now CONFIRMED by Sen. Johnson:

BREAKING: Sen. Ron Johnson: There is NO an FDA Approved COVID Vaccine in the U.S.

Folks, they are trying to poison you with an experimental vaxx, don’t fall for it!

You might be asking yourself: “what did Congress do?”

As always, they seem to have rules for themselves and then rules for everyone else.

According to this report, they are very fond of the Ivermectin:

Were Members of Congress Treated for COVID-19 with Ivermectin?

Of course, I’ve been reporting on Ivermectin extensively over the past few weeks.

And I have a big update and list of doctors for you here:

UPDATED: How To LEGALLY Get Ivermectin and Other C19 Treatments!

Very important.

I would get some and at least keep it on hand.

Also, a ton of other good stuff in there you can do to maintain your immune system.

So important right now.

Because this is the propaganda they are pushing next:

PROPAGANDA EXPOSED: “How To Talk To Your Kids About Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine”

It’s all about the de-pop and they want the kids.

So sick.

So wrong.

Meanwhile, three countries have recently BANNED the Moderna:

UPDATE: Iceland, Sweden and Denmark Have Now BANNED The Moderna Jab!

The MSM doesn’t want you to see that story, but that’s why you have us!

And now we turn to Mike Lindell.

The man continues to fight for America despite the consequences.

Here’s the latest:

BREAKING: Idaho Trying To CHARGE Mike Lindell

Thank you for continuing to support Mike and have his back.

***Please buy direct from and use promo code WLT which will apply some big discounts to your order.***

And you’ll love this one.

Brings such a smile to my face:

President Trump’s MACHO MAN Rally Dance Is Back!

And is it just me or is he looking younger each time we see him?

Then we have this, truly bizzare:

Why Does Frank Luntz Have a Full Scale Oval Office Replica Built In His House?

What do you make of that?

Do you agree with my take?

And we end with a major story that has a MSM blackout.

They refuse to cover it, but Southwest Airlines appears to be almost entirely out of business due to strikes from workers refusing to take the jab.

Take a look:

BREAKING: Jacksonville Air Traffic Controller Walkout Due to COVID-19 Jab Mandate, Rumors of ALL Flights In & Out of Florida Cancelled

I support every single one of them and I don’t care if all the airlines go out of business.

We will find others to take their place.

Ok, I’m fired up but that’s a wrap.

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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