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Noah’s Newsletter – 10/9/21




Hey friends,

Noah here with your special Saturday night weekend edition of the Newsletter!

Big day and I’m excited to show you all we have tonight.

First up, Sidney Powell is back in the news and making big moves:

Sidney Powell Suing Defense Department Over “Unlawful and “Unconstitutional” Vaccine Mandates

Thank you Sidney, we support you 100%!

Thanks for all you are doing!

You’re going to love this next one….

Getting a ton of attention and for good reason:

WATCH: Pro-Freedom Anthem “This Is A War” Hits #1 on Hip-Hop Charts in Hours

Then we move to the jab.

More “mix ups”….

Yeah, I’m sure just an honest mistake, right?

Indiana Family Given Pfizer COVID-19 Jabs Instead of Flu Shots, Young Children Show Heart Issues

Then we have an update on Durham:

Durham Investigates: Did Pentagon Contractors Collude with Clinton Campaign to Fabricate Russia Hoax?

He is not done, not by a long shot!

Only seems to be scaling up to me.

However, I still question whether he really exists or if he’s maybe a fake name to provide cover?

Something still isn’t right, but I think the trap has been set!

Speaking of things that aren’t right, we’ve heard a lot about “Fake Biden”… about Fake Obama?

Can you spot the real one?

Which Obama Is Real? Bet You Can’t Tell

Write me back and let me know if you guessed it or not.

But read the story to find out why it matters….a lot!

Then we go to Creepy Joe Biden.

Another day, another story about a young child:

Biden Tells Truly Bizarre Story About a Little Girl and a Teddy Bear

From Obama to Biden to fake-as-hell Kamala Harris:

Can You Get Any More Fake Than This Lady?

Is it just me or does she cause anyone else’s skin to crawl every time she talks?

Did you catch the Trump Rally in Iowa tonight?

Lines were HUGE!

And I have all the photos, videos and full link for you to watch right here:

Lines Are HUGE In Iowa For Tonight’s Trump Rally, Here’s How To Watch!

And we end with our top story….

How do you like this?

After mandating that all Cali kids had to get the jab, he conveniently has not yet vaxxed his own daughter:

Gavin Newsom’s Own Daughter Not Vaxxed Despite Mandate To All Cali Kids!



That’s a wrap for tonight.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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