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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/16/21



Hi friends,

Noah here with your Saturday Night edition of the Newsletter.

You have probably been busy with all sorts of things, but it was a very busy day with news.

So let me catch you up on what you may have missed.

First up, can you believe this?

U.S. Set To Shell Out $712 Per Patient For Merck Covid Pill

And you and I are paying for it!

Then we have this from the NBA:

NBA Star: Blood Clots From COVID Vaxx Ends My Season – Then They Told Him To Keep It Quiet

The truth is coming out and as hard as they try they are not able to stop it!

Next up, tell me this isn’t the creepiest thing you’ve seen all day:

Joe Biden Goes Creepy, Unhinged: “Not More, FEWER!”

He looks SO angry!

And the whispering again!

Demonic possession?

Next up is something really fun.

I know everyone loves the DISME Trump coins but I’ve heard from some of you they are too expensive for you right now.

So I thought I’d do something really fun and give one away 100% for free.

All details here:

FROM NOAH: Yes, I’m Giving Away This Real 99.9% Pure Silver Trump Coin! ($48.45 value)

And this next one is uncanny….

Listen with your eyes closed and tell me that isn’t President Trump himself speaking:

HILARIOUS: President Trump In The Supermarket

Semi-good news out today from Delta, but read the article to see why I’m not really impressed:

Delta Airlines Will Not Force “Divisive” Vaccine Mandate As Biden’s Deadline Nears

Anyone out there got kids in elementary school?

You ok with this?

You Ok With Your First Grader Having To Deal With This?

And then we have this which I assume would be akin to murder?

So disturbing:

Viral Photo Shows COVID-19 Patient From Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, Texas Wearing Plastic Bag Over Head

And we end with two stories about Ivermectin as we continue to uncover and report on the truth:

Nebraska Attorney General Says Physicians Should Be Able to Prescribe Off-Label Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine For COVID-19 Treatment

And this:

Is This Why They Don’t Want You To Know About Ivermectin?

Love to know your thoughts on those.

That’s all for tonight.

See you back here tomorrow!

Your friend,



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