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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/16/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Sunday night weekend roundup!

Big day even on the Sabbath and we’ve got the stories you may have missed….

Starting with my most recent interview with Bo Polny…

Not much time left on this:

Bo Polny: Black Monday Coming, Prepare For An Ambush!

Next we have a story that is sure to cause a few of you to get very upset (it’s called “cognitive dissonance” and it’s ok)…and most of you will love it.

Read here:

Did Buzz Aldrin Just Admit (Again) That The Moon Landings Were Fake?

Sorry folks, I don’t make the news and I certainly don’t decide what is “true”.

I just investigate and report.

And then you all can decide.

Next is a wonderful Sunday gospel message from our dear friend Pastor Robb:

SUNDAY MESSAGE: The Way of the Wicked Shall Perish! Psalm 37

Pastor Robb is back this week after dealing with some medical emergencies.

I would sure love it if everyone would literally pause right now and say a prayer to Jesus Christ for Pastor Robb’s full recovery?

Thank you!

This next one is stunning, even surprised me.

Hollywood couldn’t have written a crazier script than this.

I guess he got what he wanted?

So sad and our sympathy is with his family.

But read here:

Bodybuilding Icon Dead at 63, Read His Last Words About the ‘Vaccine’

Then we have something I haven’t said is many years…

Probably since the Norm Macdonald years in the 1990s.

Saturday Night Live actually made me laugh:

‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Jan. 6 Committee

Next we have something I think you’re all going to want to check out.

Dr. Zelenko and his foundation have created something to combat the flu and it’s MUCH better than a flu shot!

I’m not a doctor but from my non-expert opinion, I definitely recommend you AVOID the flu shot.

Do this instead:

Just In Time: Dr. Zelenko’s Long-Awaited Z-Flu Shipping Soon (Pre-Order Now Open)

And we end with our top story…

This has been trending all day long.


RETURN OF THE KING: Cryptic Trump Post Has Everyone Talking…

Oh, and one more before you go…

Since I keep getting a lot of emails asking about this, I wanted to post it so everyone had it handy.

Here it is:

READ THIS If You Want To Buy Crypto But Don’t Know How!

Ok, that’s a wrap!

Have a great rest of your evening and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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