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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/17/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and we are loaded up on this very beautiful Monday evening…

How are you?

I am good and I have more news tonight than normal, so we’d better move through it quick!

Starting with this:

A “Wild Theory” On What Happens Next…

I’ve actually been warning about this for many years, so I’m glad to see more people are getting it.

Love to hear your thoughts!

Will you be caught off guard when it happens or will you be prepared?

Then we have this gem:

Caught on leaked video!

We warned you from very early on!

Then we move on to something very disturbing out of Utah:

List of Satanic Rituals and Ceremonies (Utah County Ritualistic Case)

Our newest reporter, Concrete Conspiracy, is doing incredible work uncovering this story@

Why are they so obsessed with goats?

It’s sick.

And look what they’re doing to Kanye now:

George Floyd’s Family Plans To Sue Kanye West, Here’s Why

Tell you what, I am happy to say I’m on team Kanye!

The man is a free thinker and he is hitting very close to the truth!

Speaking of the truth, we warned you a year ago this would start to happen and sure enough it is:

Theater Actress Collapses on Live TV After Performance

How very, very sad!

But what they have planned next is so much worse…

Did Fauci fund this?

I think he did:

Boston University Reportedly CREATES Hybrid COVID Strain with 80% Kill Rate

Folks, they are trying to kill you and they’re using your own money to fund it!

These people need to be arrested, tried and then the proper sentence executed if found guilty for crimes against humanity!

Boston University Reportedly CREATES Hybrid COVID Strain with 80% Kill Rate

Why in the world would this ever happen?

This is just plain wrong!

Next is something that I think will help a lot of people.

Do you need to save $100 a month?

I’ve got the easy way to do so:

Switch To VuTV+ Now, Get OANN, Save Hundreds Each Month! [Limited Time Only]

You’re welcome!

By popular demand, I put these three videos in a post so everyone could find them easily!


The Best Three Trump Videos You Will Ever See!

You gotta love this…

Jill, let me explain….they don’t like you!

Jill Biden Viciously Booed in Her Hometown: UPDATE (Footage Found)

Love this next one…

Kanye is not wasting any time.

News broke today he’s buying Parler:

BREAKING: Kanye West to Acquire Parler

By the way, we’re on Parler and we love it!

Follow us here:

Then we have a story that is VERY controversial…

That’s ok, we never shy away from the truth:

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon…

And we end with our top story.

A very important warning:

Skip The Flu Shot, Do This Instead!

Told you we had a lot!

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight.

Your friend,



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