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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/20/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

Wow, what a day!

I think I have smoke coming off my keyboard….

Every time I tried to step away, something new broke and we had to cover it.

Working for myself, I sometimes forget what corporate America is like, but I do remember a lot of people sneaking out early around 1 or 2pm on a Friday afternoon.

Well, that’s not how we do it here!

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s been a whirlwind day from 7am until now, and I loved every minute of it.

Ok, now let me show you what I’m talking about….

First, before we even hit the hard news, I have a special announcement.

Back in February, I launched my new Mission….and it’s been going crazy ever since!

Just like when I launched this website, we launched with absolutely nothing!

No big money donors….

No experience….

Nothing other than a passion and hard work ethic to believe we can change the world.

And we have!

Over 100,000 people have now joined in with us to push this Movement forward!

And with that, I’ve needed “workers”.

Yes, people who literally work with me each day (we have a private group on Telegram) and help me and get a paycheck for doing so!

Well, I had said that eventually we would be closed to new workers and true to my word, that’s the case.

I have 200 people on my team, and that’s a lot so we are currently CLOSED.

But….I have good news!

I know so many people right now are hurting.

Laid off, or just not making enough money to cover all the bills and you need a “side hustle”.

The good news is even though I am closed, there is a new team that has just started up to work on the mission with me and they could use some help!

It’s not often you get a do-over in life, but if you missed the opportunity to join my team, I would urge you to not miss this one!

Details here

Ok, now on with the news!

And what a day it was….

Starting with perhaps one of the most important cases ever now headed to the Supreme Court:


You had better thank God (literally) that President Trump got us a good 6-3 majority over there!

Then we had a WILD day with the Speaker race….

First this happened:

BREAKING: Jim Jordan Loses THIRD Vote For Speaker

Then we covered something that hasn’t happened since the Civil War but could be a move Jim Jordan would try:

Could Jim Jordan Employ A “Risky Gambit” Last Used Before The Civil War To Win The Speakership?

But no sooner did we discuss that option then the Republicans REMOVED Jim Jordan from the ballot!

BREAKING: Republicans Drop Jim Jordan From Speaker Bid, No Candidate 17 Days After McCarthy Ouster

And then we ended up back to something we first told you about over a year ago….

It sounds impossible….until it’s not:

#SpeakerTrump Is Trending On X, Here’s Why It Makes A Ton Of Sense And Goes DEEP!

But perhaps all of this was part of the plan all along…..

No Speaker, no more money going overseas!

And that’s ok with me!

How about you?

THE PLAN ALL ALONG? Without A Speaker, No More Foreign Aid!

Not this guy, this guy looks very unhinged:

House Member Almost Physically Fights Matt Gaetz During Private Meeting

Speaking of unhinged, this is really sick stuff:

SICK: The WHO Says Your Children Must Learn About Masturbation, View Porno, & How to Self-Stimulate (Ages 0-4!)

I wish I could say that was fake or satire, but it’s not.

Oh, and we send them $700 MILLION each year!

How stupid are we?

Ok, next up is something I keep telling you about, and I’m going to KEEP sounding the alarm….

Folks, there is coming a crisis moment in this country and you are going to want to make sure your retirement money is safe.

Read this:

Bob Kudla: “We’re Seeing Massive Spikes In Gold Dark Pools!”

Oh, and that reminds me….

Your money is NOT safe in the banks!

For so many reasons, but the least of which is this could happen:

Argument Erupts Over Forced Masking At Wells Fargo, Police Called — Customer Holds Her Ground

Shifting gears, we have ANOTHER plea deal in Fulton County….


BREAKING: Second Plea Deal In Fulton County Follows Sidney Powell

And we end with our top story….

I am so excited with everything we’ve done so far, but there is so much more to do.

Can you commit to joining us?

Read here:

Our Plan To Defeat ESG, DEI and BlackRock Is Already Working — Can You Help?

That’s all for tonight!

Sleep good my friends….

Your friend,



We are growing like crazy over on Twitter…


Because Free Speech is ok again and it’s so much fun now!

We just crossed over 22,000 followers!  So excited to be connected to all of you!

Growing faster than I can keep up!

So will you give us a Follow here so we can connect?


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