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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/6/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

Got a lot to show you tonight, let’s jump right into it…

Starting with this great update from Kash, which may or may not load because Twitter seems to be down.

Isn’t that interesting?

Will they destroy it before Elon can close on the purchase?

What are they so scared of?

Let’s try:

And then we have our top story of the day:

Kamala Harris Reportedly Involved in Car Accident

Makes you wonder why no news outlets would report it?

And speaking of Kamala, you gotta love this:

BREAKING: More Migrants Arrive Outside Kamala Harris’ Home

She wants the migrants, right?

Will she let them stay?

Fat chance!

Moving from Heels Up Harris (as some of you have named her) to a real leader, THIS is how you actually improve America:

Leadership in Action: Florida Hurricane-Destroyed Bridge Rebuilt in 3 Days (WATCH)

And perhaps the most fascinating article of the day is this one.



Yeah, enjoy:

Kanye West Spills Truth In Exclusive Interview With Tucker Carlson

And big news leaked out today that Hunter Biden is indeed going down:

BREAKING: Enough Evidence In To Charge Hunter Biden With Federal Crimes!

Joe will go down with him.

Mark my words.

It’s looking very bad right now for the Biden Clan.

Perhaps that’s why he did this today?

Joe Biden Ends Interview, Backs Away Slowly Exactly Like The Simpsons

Have you ever seen anything weirder than this?

The really creepy grin on his face?

The lack of any cognitive function?

Simpsons in real life?

What in the world is going on…

Speaking of wild, this is why they want you to get into VR:

WATCH: Experience Living Through a Nuclear Bomb In Virtual Reality

And I’ve lost count of how many old videos have surfaced about this massive creep and Satanist, but here’s another one.

If this guy wins the election, it will be HIGHLY suspect:

Will Resurfaced Video of John Fetterman Undo His Senate Campaign? (WATCH)

And we end with our top headline of the day.

So very, very sad.

I can’t even imagine living through this.

I hate to even post it, but we must report the good, the bad and the ugly:

Man Kills 36 In Deadly Daycare Shooting

Makes me absolutely sick.

Ok, I have to end there for tonight.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow, when I will have a MAJOR update from Bo Polny.

You’re going to want to hear that, so stay tuned!

By the way, you’ll see it posted FIRST to my TruthSocial, so follow me over there if you don’t want to miss it:

Your friend,



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