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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/12/21



Hi friends!

Noah here and I always tell you they LOVE to try and hide stories late on a Friday when they think no one is watching….

That’s always true but this week was supersized!

Oh my….

First up, when will all of America wake up and realize we have been played?

99% Fully Vaccinated UC Berkeley Football Team Postpones Game Due to 44 COVID-19 Cases

It’s insanity and they are just laughing at Americans who still believe in the jab!

Ron Paul said it best:

Ron Paul: “Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is Falling Apart”

He’s 100% right.

Oh and speaking of mandate, I couldn’t resist:

And now let’s talk Graphene Oxide and a possible explanation of what happened at Astroworld.

Because I’m no doctor but I am pretty sure that “mass heart attacks” is not anything that has ever happened before.

You can have mass hypothermia or mass sunburns or mass hearing loss or mass anything that affects a bunch of people all the same.

But mass heart attacks?

You mean all the hearts just suddenly stopped all at once?

Never happened to the best of my knowledge ever before until now.

So what really happened?

Perhaps this:

WATCH: 2017 Study Discusses Controlling Graphene With Sound Waves; A Potential Cause of Astroworld?

And we got clarity today on this:

NO, Donald Trump Never Defended Calls to “Hang Mike Pence”

Then we move on to the death of CNN….

Did you remember me telling you there would be a MSM media casualty coming soon?

Looks like it is CNN:

Reports Claim CNN Returning To 100% News After Merger: Most “Talent/Staff” To Be Let Go

And how about this:

Former Barclays CEO Exchanged 1,200 Emails With Jeffery Epstein; Used Code Words

Kind of like “hot dogs” and “pasta” and “walnut sauce” right?

Sick perverts!

And then we have the CDC admitting they don’t have ONE SINGLE RECORD of a person with natural immunity spreading COVID.


Just wow.

FOIA Request Reveals CDC Has No Record of Unvaccinated Person With Natural Immunity Actually Spreading COVID-19

Talk about big news hiding on a Friday afternoon:

BREAKING: Steve Bannon Indicted!

And yes folks, I have an admission to make….

I, NOAH, now fully support the LGBTQ+ movement.

Read all about it here (and don’t send me hate mail until you read the FULL article):

Yes, It’s True: Here’s Why I Now Support The LGBT Agenda….

See you back here tomorrow. 😁

Your friend,



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