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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/12/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and I have a HUGE Newsletter for you tonight.

I worked almost all day long and we have some big stories!

Before we get into those, I want to remind you to follow us over on Twitter now that Free Speech is being restored.

We’re growing really fast and we post all day long over thre!

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Ok, now the news…

Buckle up!

We start with this:

Maricopa County: “We Don’t Know Where These Ballots Are Coming From”

They’re telling us this guy’s name is Bill Gates and he’s running the Maricopa Election.

I think they are laughing at us.

But we are not letting them steal this one!

Big things emerging today!

Next we move on to more explanation behind the Trump vs. DeSantis rift.

It’s not “petty” like the MSM would like you to believe, it’s very smart:

Trump’s New Truth Social Message Shows WHY He’s Attacking DeSantis

Speaking of “very smart”, I am calling all parents and grandparents for this next one.

Or anyone who has influence over a child — aunts, uncles, friends, godparents, you name it!

I have something I am super excited about and I rolled it out earlier today and I’ve already received so much incredible feedback that I know you all love it too.

Read here:

One Of My Newest Favorite Things [From NOAH]

Next we go to something heartbreaking:

BREAKING: B-17 Bomber and Smaller Plane Collide at Dallas Airshow (VIDEO)

I’m currently getting new reports on this and I’ll be working on an updated story for you tomorrow.

This is tragic.

Next we go to Elon.

Here’s the deal….I’ve said very clearly that I like Elon.

But I don’t have my head buried in the sand.

And each time I post something positive about Musk, I get emails pointing out all the red flags.

So I had to finally address it.

Yes, I see them.

Here are my thoughts:

Elon Musk: White Hat or Very Bad News?

And a huge thank you on this next one to all the people who emailed me to give me the real story of what’s going on here.

We have the absolute BEST community out there!

Here’s the update on Montana’s “Born Alive” bill failure:

READER INPUT: The Failure of Montana’s “Born Alive” Bill Explained…

Love this next one:

The Conservative Election Win Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

And I really love this….

Go Mike!

Bed, Bath & Beyond Facing Supplier Issues – Meanwhile, “Canceled” MyPillow Is THRIVING! [LOOK!]

Isn’t it funny, the more they ban us, the more they censor us, the more they attack us….the stronger we get!


Because truth, honor and integrity demand to be set free!

Thanks for continuing to support Mike and MyPillow….YOU are making the difference!

And we end with our top story….

This is going to blow your mind.

I had to watch it multiple times:

DEEP FAKED: Here’s What’s Coming Next…

Honestly, if this is the technology they are showing us, then what they have in the Deep State DARPA programs is far more advanced than this.

Mind-blowing and very scary.

Ok, that’s a wrap tonight.

Told you we had a lot!

Humbly in your service…

Your friend,



Your friend,



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