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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/13/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Sunday night Newsletter and today is one of those days where I have a couple bonus articles over my norm because I couldn’t figure out what to cut.

That ok with you?

Kim Clement said we’d have a “Hypnotic November” and it certainly feels like we’re in it!

Before we get into the news, we’re growing like crazy over on Twitter and having a ball now that Free Speech is protected again.

Find us at Daily Noah:

Ok, now let’s get rolling…

Starting with an update on Kari Lake and KariZona.

Here’s the first one, which is good:

DEVELOPING: Sunday Night Maricopa Vote Drop Expected as Kari Lake Gains Ground

But then we had this twist, which is bad:

BREAKING: Maricopa County Drops BAFFLING Numbers – Claim 54% for Kari Lake From ELECTION DAY!

They are trying EVERYTHING they can to steal this one, but they will not succeed.

We’ll continue to monitor and report.

Perhaps this explains a lot:

Maricopa County Election Judge Speaks Out, Believes Machines Were Programmed to Reject Ballots on Election Day

Next up is a tragically sad update:

UPDATE: Six Confirmed Dead From Dallas Airshow Plane Collision

I told you last night we’d have this update for you, and there it is.

There is one more angle I’ve been working on and I have not been able to confirm yet, but I have heard reports that the pilots in the B-17 Bomber were part of the J6 “Sing4Freedom” group, working to bring light to our Unconstitutionally jailed J6 prisoners.

I haven’t ran that story because I can’t yet confirm it, but if true you have to wonder if this was intentional.

Makes my blood boil….

We’ll stay on the story.

Next up, we have one that (almost) EVERYONE has been asking for.

The return of Bo Polny.

Bo called the crypto crash three weeks in advance, to the day!

It’s all documented in his Newsletter.

I had him back on the show to talk about that, and of course I also asked him about 9/24, 10/24 and 11/24.

There is a lot in here that may 🤯 your mind….

Read here:

Bo Polny Predicted The Bitcoin Crash TO THE DAY, Here’s What Comes Next…

Next up is something that really got me in the “feels”.

Quite a powerful and insightful girl, this one:

PRECIOUS: “Dad…that’s why God gave you me!”

Love to hear what you think on that one…

Speaking of kids, they need every ounce of protection and ammo they can get (figuratively and literally).

I am so excited about this next one and I know you are too because I read your emails.

I had never heard of these people before a few days ago, but I’m so glad I got connected!

I’ve learned many of you already knew, but for anyone who doesn’t know this you need to read this:

FROM NOAH: Protect and Guard Our Children, Here’s How!

Last call on this tonight, Sunday, so don’t wait to read.

Then we have our most popular story of the week, in case you missed it:

DEEP FAKED: Here’s What’s Coming Next…

Are you ready for masks to come back?

They are going to try very hard!

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Public Health Officials Renew Push for Forced COVID-19 Mask Wearing

I don’t know about you, but I kind of like breathing oxygen!

And I’ll let my immune system do the rest!

Speaking of immune system, have you seen this?

ESS60: The Hidden Secret To Overcoming The Poison Vaxx?

Great stuff!

And great people over there working on solutions.

Since it’s Sunday, I always love to bring you a strong Gospel Message and today you get TWO!

HAPPY SUNDAY: “Overcoming By The Power of the Spirit”

We end with our top story….

This is big.

This is not hyperbole.

This is not exaggeration.

I believe this is very likely to be the thing that takes down not only the entire corrupt Biden Regime but most of the Democrat party.

And it all broke wide open in the last few days.

“Hypnotic November” anyone?

Oh my!

Details here:

The Biggest Scandal Of Our Lifetime Is Currently Unfolding Before Our Very Eyes…

That’s a wrap!

Your friend,



Your friend,



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