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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/2/21



Hi friends,

Noah here, Happy Tuesday!

Oh boy I’ll tell you what….I really got the Catholics mad at me!


Well, because of this:

UPDATE: Michael Flynn’s Prayer TO Archangels About Demonic “Seven Rays” — My Thoughts

So here’s the deal…..

I get that the Catholics like to pray to Mary and to Angels.

It’s not Biblical, but that’s what they do.

I can live with that, even though it’s very wrong.

But there is no excuse for Flynn promoting the demonic “Seven Rays” teaching….

Your thoughts?

Let’s move on to Bill Gates of Hell with this one:

Bill Gates: “We Take GMOs and Shoot Them Right Into Kids’ Veins!”

And how about Elon Musk stepping in with this?

Elon Musk Exposes The UN’s Alleged Sex Crimes Against Children

He’s right you know!

And you don’t see this every day….

The far-left propagandists…….errrrrrrr “fact checkers”……even came to President Trump’s defense over this one:

Even The Far-Left “Fact Checkers” Say This Statement From Trump Is Totally Fake

Even a broken clock is right twice a day I guess!

Now let’s talk Mike Lindell, who was 100% right about this:

DECERTIFY: Mike Lindell: 23,000 Votes Came From One Address In Wisconsin!

And he also confirmed today he is absolutely bringing his case to the Supreme Court:

Mike Lindell: Yes, Election Fraud Lawsuit IS Headed To Supreme Court — Update

*** Support Mike and WeLoveTrump,
*** Go to and use this code: WLT

Then we have this:

Chants of “Kamala is a Wh*re” Greet Harris at Carnegie Hall in NYC

Is that why they call her “Heels Up Harris”?

I love this one and I love the memes:

Brand New 2nd Amendment Flag Honors PRESIDENT Trump!

Back to Mike Lindell for a second, I’m giving you a chance to win a free MyPillow:

Mike Lindell’s “Lowest Prices In The History Of MyPillow” On Standard, Queen And King MyPillows

And we end with our top story…..

As I type this Newsletter, here is the latest from Super Tuesday:

Early Reports Say Republicans SWEEP Virginia!

I’ll have much more tomorrow.

Your friend,



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