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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/3/21



Hi friends,

Noah here and what a day we have had!

Republicans swept Virginia and all across the country!

I published this late last night and amazingly the results did NOT change by morning:

Early Reports Say Republicans SWEEP Virginia!

Now I will give this warning: do not think this means our elections are safe!

I have a suspicion the Deep State allowed a loss on this one and didn’t steal the election so they could say “see, your elections ARE safe!”

Very devious.

It’s a great outcome, but do NOT let this lull you back to sleep!

But still, we celebrate!

Looks like they still tried a few tricks:

Was There a 40,000 Vote Dump to Flip New Jersey’s Largest County From Red to Blue?

And amazingly even far-left Minneapolis rejected the idea to replace their police department:

Minneapolis Votes ‘NO’ to Replacing Police Department

I guess they’ve seen what a life of lawlessness is like and they don’t much like it.

Imagine that!

More great news out of Texas last night:

75% Hispanic Texas District Flips Red for GOP!

And this is just priceless:

MSNBC Mocked for Election Night Meltdown on Live TV

This might be my favorite of the night….

A 100%, certified badass:

Meet the New Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, a Gun-Toting Badass Former Marine

And to celebrate we are printing these up:

RED WAVE: It’s Time We Circle Back!

Perfect, right?

I thought so!

Now let’s talk brand new “vaxxidents“:

WATCH: U.S. Army Brigade Surgeon “I Had to Ground 3 Out of 3 Pilots Due to Vaccine Injuries”

Very scary.

But this is even scarier:

Pfizer COVID-19 Jab Formula For Children Contains Ingredient to Stabilize Heart Attacks

God protect these children!

And we end with something truly stunning:

DEA Whistleblower: FBI Told Me to Enter Capitol on J6; Now Faces 15 Years in Prison Even Though He Didn’t Enter

The truth is all coming out!

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight.

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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