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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/25/21



Hi friends!

Noah here….Happy Thanksgiving officially!

Is everyone all turkey’d out?

Anyone celebrating another Thanksgiving tomorrow?

We are!

One set of Grandparents today and another set tomorrow and I am perfectly fine with that!

My favorite Holiday x2!

Let me know if you’re doing Thanksgiving Part Deux tomorrow as well, I’d like to know how many of us there are out there.

And be sure to follow me over on Parler.

It’s back and fast and better than ever!

We have 530,000 people over and growing fast and we post a lot over there all day long, so be sure to join us here 👉

Now on with today’s news because even on a holiday the news doesn’t stop….

Starting with this one:

WATCH: President Trump Receives 9th Degree Black Belt In Taekwondo!

Yes, that’s a real story.

Not satire or exaggeration.

You gotta love it!

Good news to report looks like it’s on the way for Southwest employees:

HUGE Victory For Southwest Employees?

Man, does any industry have more tyrants and mini-Adolphs in it than the airline industry?

Have you flown recently?

Horrible, horrible experience doing ANYTHING with these airlines.

And then I have yet another update on the Kyle/Lin Wood feud:

FUED CONTINUES: Rittenhouse Hits Lin Wood Again: “He’s Insane!”

Hard to know who to trust.

Your thoughts?

And then we have something we’ve covered before but we have so many new people here and I just came across it again that I had to do a new article.

This is real folks, how is this even possible?

The Baron Trump Novels: The Last President…Marked TRUE By Snopes!

And amazing news to pass along today….

After months of being completely off the radar, Mark Taylor the firefighter Trump prophet is back.

So good to hear from him.

Watch here:

Mark Taylor Returns!

For anyone who has been following this next story, I have VERY good news to share with you.

She looks like she will not make it:

Looks Like It’s Over For Biden’s Communist Pick For OCC

She is literally a communist and Biden wanted to put her in charge of our financial system!

Very, very dangerous woman.

Glad to hear she’s not going to make it.

And we end with our top story….

It looks like the Dems may have just walked into a huge trap that could unravel everything:

TROJAN HORSE? Bernie Kerik’s Jan 6th Committee Subpoena May Open The Door To Exposing Voter Fraud!

Do not underestimate this story….

I am hearing from some of my sources that this is the real deal and will lead to mass exposure.

Let’s watch and see.

Your friend,



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