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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/27/21



Hi friends!

Noah here….happy Saturday evening!

Don’t you love these long weekends?

Hey, before we get into the news tonight I want to know what you think of the new format of the Newsletter.

For the past few nights, I’m been adding the story links in a different way so they look a little better instead of just text links.

Have you noticed?

Do you like the change?

Please shoot me a quick reply and let me know if you dig the new format!

Now on with the news….got a lot today!

We start with a brand new update from Timothy Dixon and I have to say this might be one of the most powerful, broadest ones he’s ever given:

Timothy Dixon: “People Get Ready…”

Plus I love the reference to “People Get Ready”.

Isn’t that such a great song?

Then we move to this:

Department of Defense Announces New Group To Investigate UFOs Due To ‘National Security Risk’

UFOs don’t seem to be going away, do they?

I’ve written a lot about it in the past, but here are two articles I wrote several years ago to give you my insight on the whole topic:

DISCLOSURE Is Coming: Why It Has Everything To Do With Christianity — Matthew 24:24


Who Were the “Sons of God” from Genesis 6:4? Three Theories.

In short, they’re NOT aliens but they are real.

And they are VERY bad news.

Now let’s move on to something really fun.

A brand new coin from DISME which only has a few left:

Let’s Go Brandon — Brand New From DISME (limited amount remain)

In case you miss out and they’re sold out by the time you read that, I am giving one away 100% for free.

You can enter here:

Then we have more info on Flynn….

Who is to be trusted?




Did you know Byrne is a Member of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)?

I did not until today.

That is NOT good for those who know what that is.

Anyway, big interview here:

General Flynn Tells Alex Jones That ‘The Deep State Is Triggering A Civil War’

Now let’s talk Mike Lindell and a call for each of you to help with this.

Thank you in advance:

HELP WANTED: Here’s How YOU Can Help Mike Lindell’s Supreme Court Election Fraud Case!

And Mike’s Black Friday special has been extended so don’t miss out on this.

Just trust me and if you don’t have the sheets yet just get them:

Black Friday At MyPillow: Deep Discounts On Mike Lindell’s Famous Mattress Topper, Pillow Sets And More!

Huge discount right now, biggest of the year.

Then we have the father of the year right here.

Bravo sir!

WATCH: Father Confronts Masked Creep Taking Pictures of His Minor Daughter in Wal-Mart

And how about this?

We told you….

REPORT: The REAL Reason Why Sweden Hasn’t Enforced Strict Lockdowns & COVID-19 Passports? A Closer Look At This “Free” Country

And we end with our top story….

I actually temporarily took this story down today while I mandated extra research from my writers team.

But the more we looked into it, the more it appears legitimate.

So we are printing what we’ve found out so far.

It’s called real, investigative journalism, and that’s what we do here.

Not rumors…..

Not hype….

But we also don’t bury stories that the elites don’t want us to run.

We report fairly and honestly and this is what we’ve found out so far on this one:

Indian Bar Association Claims Bill Gates Charged With Murder For COVID-19 Jab Death; Says Case Filed in India’s High Court & Death Penalty Sought

Oh my!

More to come on this, I’m sure…..

That’s all for tonight, I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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