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WATCH: The Threat Of Mainstream Media, And Its Effect On Freedom And Sanity



The biggest threat facing humanity is the mainstream media.

Whether it be the vicious lies told during the Rittenhouse trial, the homage paid to professional victims, the lie of systematic racism, or the clearly contrived panic behind Covid-19, the mainstream media appears to manufacture consent for the state.

This is not merely a partisan issue, or even a national issue—it’s a human issue. An issue that has the power to make or break us as a species.

As we speak, there are mass protests around the world opposing vaccine mandates, but the MSM will never report on them.

There are adverse events occurring in numerous individuals who took the vaccine—particularly sports stars, but you’ll never hear about it from legacy media outlets.

It is only through the internet, and the type of independent reporting we do over here at TruthLion which has brought their lies, obfuscation, and manipulation to the attention of many people.

Our friends over at The Academy of Ideas had an excellent video on just how harmful the MSM is, and I implore you to watch the entire thing.

Here are just some of the latest lies the mainstream media has been peddling, and a few events they are refusing to address.

They are not merely attempting to control what you think about, as they have always done, but now how you think about it through their complete submission to the state and multinational corporations:

Forbes, itself a mainstream media outlet, writes:

For the first time, Edelman’s annual trust barometer, which it shared with Axios, revealed that fewer than half of all Americans acknowledge any kind of trust in the mainstream media. Fifty-six percent of Americans, for example, said they agreed with the following statement: “Journalists and reporters are purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.”


This study found:

In order for democratic institutions to function, people need to trust in them (Gamson, 1968; Hetherington, 2005; Hetherington & Husser, 2012; Levi, 1998; Kampen et al., 2006; Misztal, 2001; Sabel, 1993). The news media is one democratic institution that enables citizens to learn about their officials’ behavior in office and later hold them accountable for that behavior in the ballot box (Liebes & Ribak, 1991; Tsfati & Cohen, 2005). As such, trust in the news media as a free, independent, and reliable source of political information is critical for protecting democracy (Blöbaum, 2014; Müller, 2013; Paisana et al., 2020). However, Americans are increasingly turning away from legacy news media outlets toward social media as a primary source for political news (Mitchell et al., 2020; Oeldorf-Hirsch et al., 2020; Oliphant, 2020), a development that threatens to erode trust in legacy news media, increase partisan polarization, and decrease engagement in the democratic process.



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