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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/30/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and I’ve got another big report for you!

Let’s start quick and move fast…

Starting with Ba-alagenciaga:

Somehow…The Balenciaga Scandal Just Got Even Worse!

How sick can. these people get?

Demonic is the only word for it.

Next is something I’m really excited about.

For historical purposes, we have to document what happened here.

And now that Twitter is safe again, I’m doing it on Twitter.

Will you please help me?

Add as many as you can please:

#DiedSuddenly: The Official Twitter Thread

Next up is a true favorite of so many people…

It’s always a good day when there’s a Trey Smith update:

Trey Smith: A Simple Stone

And this one was especially good1

Hang on, we are almost there!

Curious what you think about this one:

Is This Zelensky Video a “Deep Fake”?

Deep Fake?

If you don’t even know what that is, I explain it in the article and it may blow your mind.

Next we go to one of the good guys…

One of the doctors who told us the truth from Day 1:

Dr. Ryan Cole Says OB/GYN’s Are Sending Him Placentas From Vaxxed Mothers to Examine (And It’s Bad!)

And he’s continuing to tell us the truth about what he’s seeing now!

Spoiler alert: it is VERY concerning.

But the truth must be told!

On that note, this next story is along the same lines:

EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: Video Captures Thug Shooting Police Officer In The Head

I am so sorry to anyone reading this who lives in Philly…

What an absolute crime scene that city has become!

Next we have Elon Musk confirming what we knew all along…

There WAS election interference!

But it wasn’t from Russia.

It was from Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg:

BREAKING: Musk Claims Twitter Interfered In American Elections

And what is the penalty again for interfering with an election?

That is treason, do I have that correct?

And the penalty for treason is hanging from the short end of a rope, is that still true?


Then we have something person to me:

Here Come The Unvaccinated Blood Banks!

And this is a little off the beaten path, but what in the world?

Buddhist Temple Left Empty After All the Monks Test Positive for Meth

Is that how they do all those amazing flips through the air?


And we end with our top story:

LANDMARK Election Case Heads To Supreme Court!

Yes, this is another one!

Different from the one I brought you last night.

Truth is bursting through in all seams!

Gotta run, I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



Your friend,



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