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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/29/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and I have to be true to my word…

Last night I promised you the answer to this riddle:

The two most common answers were 6 and 8.

And neither is correct.

But they are close!

The correct answer is: “at least 7”.

Here’s why…

Neck (1), arms (2 and 3), bottom 4, front (5 and 6) but then….we can’t see the back.  We don’t know if there’s one giant hole back there (7) or two (7 and 8) or more (9+).

So the most accurate answer you can give is “at least 7”.

That was fun, right?

Loved hearing all your answers and getting all your emails!

Ok, now let’s hit the news because we had a huge day again!

Let’s start with the Brunson Brothers:

The Brunson Brothers All Play The TRUMPet!

And then we go to Vitamin D:

IT WORKS: Vitamin D Treatment for C-19 Completely Vindicated By New Scientific Study!

Looks like we are 100% vindicated in what we told you!

So glad we were able to get the truth out there!

Speaking of the truth, this passed today but the TRUTH about it is being covered up.

I explain here:

“Respect For Marriage Act” Passes Senate, But Here’s The Big Lie Behind It!

And do you want to know your 2024 matchup?

It likely involves this dude:

Is Michelle Obama Running Against Trump?

Then we have this:

Crypto Billionaire Dies in Helicopter Crash, Another Passenger Reportedly Canceled ‘Last Minute’

Remember this:  they can’t tax you if you’re dead!

Or if they THINK you’re dead.

Just saying….

And a wonderful update today from our good friend Dr. Robert Malone:

Dr. Robert Malone Explains How mRNA Can Turn Into DNA Inside Cancer Cells

Project Veritas may have the story of the year with this next one..

Read here:

PROJECT VERITAS: HHS Whistleblower Says Government Complicit With Child Trafficking at Southern Border

And we end with two totally wild but important warnings…

First up:

WARNING: False Messiah On The Scene In Israel? Massive Following Growing…

And then this:

BANNED On YouTube: Balenciaga Exposed, It’s Gotten Far Worse! [WARNING: Extremely Graphic]

Big warning on that one….

Do NOT read if you are easily offended or if you don’t like seeing really sick stuff with children (who does?).

Time to expose these people for the sick offenders they are!

Ok that’s a wrap for tonight.

What a day!

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See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



Your friend,



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