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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/4/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and Happy Friday!

Hope your week was awesome and your weekend is off to an even better start!

As always, we are happy staying home, head down, working hard and bringing you the news you may have missed for the day.

And I’ve got a big one tonight!

But first, I ask for your help if you haven’t seen this yet.

Last night, I explained how & why we’re facing such extreme censorship this week (spoiler alert: Midterms are close!) and most importantly what you can do to help us!

And it’s not just helping us, it’s more about helping everyone else who hasn’t been able to read out Newsletter because of the censorship.

There are a couple really quick and easy and free things you can do to help us make a big difference in getting this Newsletter out to everyone who wants to read it.

I’m not going to re-type those here, but if you missed that please read my full story here first:

Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/3/22

Thank you in advance for your help….it is already making a huge difference!

Now on with today’s news!

We start with a huge one that we fact-check (honestly, imagine that):

Nancy Pelosi Arrested? Led Out In Handcuffs?

And speaking of Nancy, we have this follow-up:

Democrats Reportedly Hold ‘Secret Meeting’ to Choose Nancy Pelosi’s Replacement

Speaking of secret cabal demons, we have this next:

REPORT: 44% of Voters Say Federal Govt Is Controlled By Secret Cabal

Stunning story next…

Care to guess if it’s a Democrat or Republican?

Oregon Mayor Accused of Attempted Murder

And why is this not front page news everywhere for days on end?

Simple: because it’s an (R):

Shots Fired at Republican Candidate’s Family Home Where Children Were Sleeping

Big news out today from Iowa from President Trump.

Details here:

Trump Will Announce His Presidential Run This Month, Here’s Exactly When…

And last night I brought you this story:

US-Funded Ukraine Biolabs: Now Confirmed TRUE!

Today this broke:

Scientists Claim US-Funded Biolab May Have Caused 2014 West African EBOLA Outbreak

I debated whether or not to include this next one…

Ultimately, we have to win over hearts and minds and we have to show the TRUTH….tough and horrible as it may be.


The Reality of Abortion, NPR Plays Audio of Abortion on Air (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)

And we end with our top story:

(VIDEO) MSNBC Guest: Your Kids Will be ‘Arrested and Killed’ If You Vote Republican

Oh…they are so desparate!

Can you taste the panic in the air?

It’s gonna be glorious on Tuesday!

And speaking of elections….can I get your opinion on this before you go?


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Thank you!

Your friend,



Your friend,



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