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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/5/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

Hope you’re doing great!

So great to hear from so many of you who are finally receiving this Newsletter again!

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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/3/22

Before we get rolling tonight, I have a very important message I’d like to go viral before we all vote on Tuesday.

Would you please give this a #RT on Twitter or share it anywhere you like?

Thank you…get this everywhere:

So true, right?

Now the news, and I was VERY busy today.

Got a ton to show you, each one very important.

Starting here:

Zelensky Takes Time Off From WW3 To Shoot a Netflix Show!

Yeah, because that’s normal right?

How long will people continue to tolerate this nonsense?

Big report out from Dr. Peter McCullough who is absolutely one of the good guys:

REPORT: Dr. Peter McCullough On What Is Really Happening When People “Die In Their Sleep”

Love to hear what you think.

This next one is not getting a lot of coverage, but it should.

All the prophets were right:

BIG: Benjamin Netanyahu Prophecy Fulfilled!

And this next one is related to prophecy…

I bet you’ve never heard this, but it’s pretty incredible:

MUST SEE: The George Washington Prophecy of America

You’re going to love that, I promise.

Let me know after you watch!



Next up is something I’m not happy about and not celebrating, but I think this is what we see happen next….

I lay it all out here:

Trump Indictment Immediately After Midterms?

Then we go to NASA and their latest announcement.

Anyone buying this?

“Planet Killing” Asteroid Hiding In Sun’s Glare Just Discovered

Trust the science?

Heads up for any MyPillow fans out there…

If you’ve never tried Mike’s sheets before, you are seriously missing out.

My absolute favorite thing they have.

Grab one here on steep discount (for the weekend only):

Biggest “Giza Dreams” Bed Sheet Sale Ever At MyPillow — As Low As $29.99!

A warning next, be prepared for this:

LATEST PSYOP: It Will Take “Days” To Count The Votes…

This next one may be the LONGEST article I have ever written.

But every line is important.

Jesus said a time was coming where even the elect would be deceived, if that were possible.

A strong delusion so powerful it will throw many off course.

What will that be?

I have an idea, and I lay it all out here:

Declassified Documents Reveal Aliens Are “Fallen Angels”

You gotta love this next one…the timing is absolutely perfect down to the second.


PROPHETIC: Flags Blow Down As Fetterman Tells Huge Lie!

And we end with our top story.

Oh my!

Donald Trump: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Just Ruled ‘2020 Presidential Election Was Rigged’

Told ya we had a big one tonight!

Let me know your thoughts, I love reading them.

Your friend,



Your friend,



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